Where to find Marlboros and Wendigos, oh and Elnoyles too
  • somebody help me plz :o)
  • hi dzdandcunfsd.
  • We also talked about finding Elnoyles here.
  • Hey thanks ;) and yeah i am looking for stuff to obtain the lionheart but i need doomtrain first to get the junkshop ability since i can no longer enter any towns :(, thanks for the info, Ive since got everything -the marlboro tentacles im saving those blasted things for last
  • I don't think that you can get the Doomtrain GF after disk 3, can you? :confused:
  • You can get Doom Train right up through Ultimicea's Castle.
  • i knew where to get the weidago and the malabos i just didnt know where to get the eloney things well hey i guess i learned something new well how bout that well bye