Nicholas Jr
  • Just joined today, trying to find out if other media will play in the new 80 g
    playstation 3
  • Any help will be apreciated
  • What do you mean like a digital camera or a memory stick ?
  • NO like the playstation 2 games
  • said:
    What do you mean like a digital camera or a memory stick ?

    No Like playstationb 2 games and so
  • you lucky devil, 80g you should be able to play both ps2 and ps games and have 4 usb ports for all those little extras. I have the 40gb but only lets me play ps3 and 1 games youll be able to play ps1,ps2 and ps3 games.
  • Thank you so much, I am new to this and dont really know what i'm doing
  • What is the memory card for the playstation 3 used for?
  • Hello there Nicholas Jr. Welcome to Absolute Playstation.

    As far as the PS3 memory card is concerned my best guess would be that the memory cards are used to store your game data. It could be completely different though.

    Congratulations on your new playstation and if you have anymore questions feel free to send a PM to me or one of the other STAFF members and we'll do our best to answer your question.:)
  • Sorry Mel, do you mind if I take over here? I'm sure you don't.

    First of all my good friend has not yet upgraded to the PS3 so she doesn't realise that the PS3 does not actually have a memory card like the PS2 and PS1 did. Any card slots that are on there, are things like Compact Flash, SD etc which digital cameras and phones and other electronic equipment use. You can use them to transfer pictures from a digital camera, or your computer, for instance directly to your PS3's Hard Drive.

    As for saving games that are PS2 or PS1 games. You have to create a "memory card" on the PS3's Hard Drive by going to the Games section of the XMB (Cross Media Bar) and going right to the top option I think it is that lets you create a new a memory card. Then choose whether you want to create a PS2 or PS1 memory card. Then a section of the PS3 automatically creates a "pretend" memory card on the Hard Drive.
    When playing PS2 games the game should then recognise that a memory card is inserted.

    Hope that helps.

    Oh and welcome to the site,

    Site Squad
  • I was just curious because I saw a memory card adaptor on for the Playstation 3 and was cyrious as whar they used it for I think it operated on a USB port
  • That is for transferring your PS2/ PSOne game saves over to the PS3. As mentioned above, you create a virtual card on the PS3's hard drive for saving progress on any PS2/ PSone games you may happen to play.
  • Thank you for the info
  • Nicholas Jr said:
    Thank you for the info

    You are most welcome. We're here to help.
    If you have any questions, ask away, and then we'll try our best to answer them for you.

    Hope you keep enjoying the site, and joining in regularly :)