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    For those of you who wish you could read my stuff, I've gone ahead and added one of the first plays I could be allowed to present on here.This is my play for playwriting class. The basic premise is we have to write a play within a theme of one of the seven deadly sins. If you have a few minutes will you read it and reply back with what you believe the sin is based on this snippit I have here? It will help me in figuring out how to fix this play or not fix it. And for those of you who don't know all seven deadly sins, here's a summary of them.
  • Wow, that's pretty good, as usual Mel :)
    Oh I know which Sin it is by the way. I won't tell you on here though as it's best to leave other people guessing.

    You know what you should do Mel? You should edit this post and add a Poll to it. Set it up so people can only choose ONE Sin, and then see how many people guess the correct answer :cool:

    Anyway, I'll PM you in a minute or two with, what I think, is the correct Sin :)

    Speak soon my good friend,

  • seems pretty good, dark start with the burns and that have you wrote the whole thing yet?
  • Yes sfjp. I just finished the play tonight and its going to get performed tomorrow. So we'll see how it goes.:)
  • all the best hope it goes well.
  • Hope it went down well Mel :)

    Can't wait to find out what feedback you got.
    Speak soon my very good friend :hug:
  • Booo. It didn't get done today after all.:( I've gotta wait till Monday, but oh well.:)