Have a moment? help please
  • Here is the problem: i want to make a psx game and i downloaded many programs but no one of them is for psx game making. Yes, i know that i need more than one program but i do not have any of them. I need only free programs because i dont have a money for shareware. So please give me answer for some questions:

    1. Are there any free programs for psx game making ( modeling, animating)?
    2. If the answer of 1st question is "no" which programing language do i need to make any program for psx game modeling. I mean the program which i use on pc to make a psone game.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  • There are no programs specifically for making PlayStation games. They are written using the standard computer languages such as C and C++ to design the routines along with programs such as Maya for the graphical editing.

    Now, at one point people were able to get hold of a special PlayStation unit called the Net Yaroze for making games- this unit was very expensive ($1500 US) and not many were able to get their hands on it so it is very rare now.

    In the end, it may be easier to try making some games for play on the computer. Take the time to learn various computer programming languages and one never knows, you might be able to be the next big game designer everyone talks about. ;)
  • Ok thank you very much. I know just a little of c++ but i will try to learn it. Can i learn it without school (i mean about tutorials and books about programming) and how much time i need to make some programs middle quality. And please tell me which free compiler shall i use? And one more question ( please answer):Did you mean that there is really no one program free for psone game making?
    thanks very much
  • That's exactly what i mean, there is no such program specifically aimed at PlayStation game making (free or otherwise).

    You should be able to learn the languages without going to a school but definitely get some books on them as well as check out some tutorials online. You should be able to find them via a Google search. This would take some time to learn- don't expect this to be a quick process. Some take courses for several years to learn enough to start making games.

    I don't have any recommendations on compilers as i have had no experience with them. This page I found when searching may be your best bet as it talks about programming for the PlayStation without using the official Net Yaroze development systemwith links to various tools needed. Good luck!
  • Do you know maybe can i make a psx game with program design workshop lite? And where can i find tutorials for c++ for psx game making?
  • actually did anyone get official playstation magazine you used to get the games on the demo that had been made by ps reader who had those black ps1's that made games i'll try and find the name of it.
  • Most likely not, suvakaca- that program is specially designed for landscaping and home design, not games. You would need to use specialized tools such as maya for designing game-related graphics. The page i linked to earlier should have more information than i can give.
  • just to stop me going mental what was the name of them black ps 1's that you made basic games on i wouldnt mind one just for a bit of a little project. There games where issued on official playstation mags in uk on the demo disc.
  • sfjp@hotmail.co.uk said:
    just to stop me going mental

    Bit late for that isn't it? :p

    The official machine for making those games was the net yaroze- I answered that one earlier up in the thread. When first introduced they were about $1500 US (curently 756 pounds and change). A search on ebay turned up one unit someone in the UK has up for auction- current bid is at 140 pounds with just over a week to go. May be your best shot at one if you can afford it.
  • thanks very much mr Lydon i'll check it out.