help please
  • Please tell me answer on one question :i have program "design workshop lite " and i think that i can make a models for psone game using this program. Please tell me is that true. Please one more question : You told me that i can make a program for psone game making using c++ programing language. Can i use any other programing language for it? Please give me the answer
  • No, you would not be able to use that program. As i explained before, it has been limited to use for home design. You would not be able to import files from it for gaming purposes.

    C and C++ are the two languages commonly used, they are pretty much a standard for the programming. Again, a problem will be finding a compiler that will put the coding together in a form for the PlayStation to recognize.

    Your other threads about this topic are in the PSOne Hardware section- you may want to have a look there for some of the answers given to your other questions.

    Overall the best way to try to do some game programming on your own for the PlayStation would be to find a Net Yaroze, the development kit Sony provided for people like yourself to attempt to make games. You would have to try eBay to get one these days as they have not been available for years. Other than that, if you really want to be serious about game design, take a course on it and really learn about what goes into the process.
  • ok thank you very much. So, i cant make a program for psx game making with any c++ compiler. What compiler do i need?
  • Suvakaca, in the thread we have going in the PSOne Hardware section i linked you to a page about making PSOne games. That page had links to everything needed including the compilers. Check it out.