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    I should be in Abilene Texas right now, but I'm not. I had been told I would be forced to go, but then I spoke to my mom privately about it and told her I really did not want to go and she allowed me to stay home. I had a final for my playwriting class yesterday so that was enough to convince my dad that I had to stay. I mean, he would have made me go, but to have spent 75 dollars for this class and then have me miss the final. That he was not very comfortable with. So here I am to bug you all another day.:)
  • Yeah i agree with everything and will always back you up Mel.
    I really do enjoy your writing, and I can never really agree with anyone who bad mouths your writing, even if it is not really bad mouthing but just saying it needs changing in some way.
    It's always perfect as far as I am concerned.

    Sorry I have not been around recently, just been busy and tired and whatnot.

    Hope we can speak again very soon though my very good friend from across the pond.