Playstation 3 Question for Genji Need Help Please
  • I just started Gengi on playstation 3 and need help. When you first start the female character there are three flowers you are supposed to kill. Two of them are on the roof. I have tried and tried and cannot get on the roof or find a way to get to the other two flowers. One is on the roof on the left and the other is on the roof on the right. Can someone please help me to get on the roof?


    There is one that appears right behind you, then you have to go down both sets of stairs. Your right and left. Kill those enemies. Go back to where you started this stage and head west at the barricade. Examine the dead body for the royal hall key. Go to where you put the seal and enter the door on the left of the seal.

    ---Royal Hall (outside)---

    Go south from the point where you appear and kill the enemies. There's a flower here. Go back past the door area. When you come to a treasure chest, south of it will be the last flower protected by samurai and bowmen. Kill them and get the last flower. Drop down and kill everyone, then go back a bit, and save before proceeding.
  • Thank you for your help but it is not letting me examine the body for the key. I am assuming an x is supposed to appear but I have gone all around the dead body and nothing happens. I have killed all the guards I'm suppose to.
    Can you please help me with this? Is there something I'm not doing right?

  • You have taken care of the three flowers first, i take it? Also, are you sure you are examining the correct body? It may be a different guard.

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  • Hello. No I can't get the flowers because I can't get on the roof and there is only one body. If you read what Leprechaun said he said that the body is to the west of the barrier. I thought he said that in order to get on the roof I need to get the hall key from the dead body but it won't let me get the key. If I need to get the flowers first then how do I get on the roof??

  • Once you have destroyed the first flower at ground level and taken care of the soldiers on the grounds to either side of the door double back to where the stage started and head west of the barrier. You'll find the corpse to search for the key, which will let you into the royal hall interior. Once you go through the interior you'll be onto the roof, where you can get to the other two flowers.
  • I havce gotten the first flower and killed all the guards and went west of the barrier as you said and there is a dead guard lying on the stairs which has to be the one I am suppose to search. However it will not let me search the body which is the main problem I am having right now. I found the body to search but it won't let me. As I said before I assume an x is suppose to appear but it's not. Can you please tell me why it's not letting me search the body?
    I have killed all of the other guards.
    Please try to be patient with me I really need to figure out why it is not working. This is very frustrating.

  • I found it thanks!! :-)

    I was searching the wrong body like an idiot.
    I will probably have more questions so please bear with me. lol

    Thanks again,