PS3 Third Weapon In Genji
  • How come the third weapon for Yoshitsun which is a club with gold interlaid is not present when he is reintroduced after the first apppearance of the female character? The game was saved automatically because she is introduced right after he finds the weapon so it's not because I didn't save it.

  • Did you go through your weaponry and make sure it is in his inventory? It could be you need to select it in there again.

    BTW, next time head just a bit further down into the PS3 game section- we have separate help areas for each system (makes things easier to find) ;).
  • Yes I checked the inventory and it is not even in the inventory it is not available at all. It is a weapon isn't it?

  • Yes it is, and it should have stayed in his inventory when you saved. I'm not really sure what could have happened there other than a bug in the game itself (considering the game is a launch title that would be possible).
  • Well that's just great.
    Anyway I woul love to post in the playstation 3 section but there is no link on this page to click to post a new thread.
    I was taken to the page I was posting on from by clicking a link that said playstaion 3 help. When I got there it was only playstation 2 help, the whole page, and there is no where that says anything about playstation 3. Is there a page you could direct me to for playstation 3 help that has a link to post a new thread?
    I am on msntv so that may be part of the problem.

  • NM I found it. I will post in here from now on.

    Thanks again,
  • The club is there but it is the other guy's weapon that's why I couldn't find it.