Getting ray to the airport
  • I'm trying to get Ray to the airport. Is the best route the tunnel or subway? I wish I could just take the bridge but that would be to easy.
  • yeah the best way you could take ray to the air port is by the tunnel.
    I took the fasest car I could find and then hall A$$ over there as fast as I could.
  • If you're good enough to get a tank, you can just use that to do the mission like I did.
  • I agree with those who said fast car and tank, but unless you are very good, there's a surefire way to win this mission. Drive through the subway to the airport and go up the stairs. You should make it in time but it can be a tight fit.
  • i drove in the subway as well and it worked great fo me :2silly:

  • When i fist got this mission to do i ook the bridge and got killed but stupidly i the next time i tried it it okk the bridge again but i thought these guys aren't going to get the better of me so i parked about a hundred yards away from the guys who were killing me and got my trusty old sniper out and took them guys out, then i happily crossed the bridge without getting shot at.
  • Hello badboy3223
    I was wondering what car you used to get Ray to the airport?
  • I took the tunnel as well.
  • I am trying to get Ray to the airport,
  • Finished this mission tonight.
    I studied the route and took Ray to the airport threw the subway. I used a banshee and made it with plenty of time. :cool:
  • this mission....grrr.
    five tries so far, not even close.