Favorite Electronics You've Got.
  • Hey, I think that electronics are the greatest thing about living in this decade. I certainly would get bored without them. So I was wondering what everyones favorite electronics are. Obviously Playstation will be on your list, but what else are you a fan of? (List the brand name of the electronic device too, and elaborate on it. No one sentence replies allowed, folks :P).

    • I have a Toshiba flat screen HDTV. It is kind of a rear projection TV, so it's not wall mounted, but it is a pretty good TV for the price paid. I definitely started putting the thing to use when I plugged my PS3 into it. I certainly wish I had spent maybe $300 extra to get a real flat screen for my wall, but my current TV will do for now. It just takes up a good hunk of cabinet space :huh:
    • I constantly use my Toshiba Satellite laptop. It is an OK little computer, but not "Great". It serves its purpose of connecting to Wifi spots and my wireless network, but when it comes to power/speed for other programs, it isn't up to par. In the future I probably would buy a different brand name, maybe an Apple. I'll probably just wait till this one breaks though :)
    • I also lovemy iPod. When I first went into the store and bought it, it was kind of an impulse buy. I didn't know a whole lot about its legacy, but I had only heard good things. The video version had just come out, so I figured I should get the newest one. I bought it and instantly fell in love. I work in the loudest environment you could possibly imagine, and being able to plug that iPod right in my ears is a godsend. Diss Apple all you want, I am extremely pleased with the little device. :p

    • My Crest Total-Whatever battery powered SpinBrush :D My teeth be so fresh and so clean between dentist visits. Me likey.

    What about you guys... what electronics devices could you not live without?
  • -First an foremost my PS2....I realize a man should not have such feelings for a lil black box but I certainly love that lil' game playing hunk of gaming goodness.

    -My HP wireless laptop, from which I connect to my internet world from.

    -My Dell ultrasharp monitor to which my PS2 in connected. 19" and it gives the most amazing display.

    -My Kenwood CD head unit in my truck, without my music I think I would simply give up driving.
  • Dan E Staff said:
    -My Kenwood CD head unit in my truck, without my music I think I would simply give up driving.

    I forgot all about my truck electronics. The only thing I have in my truck that is "Add-on" and is electronic is my "Sirius Satellite Radio". If you don't know what it is, please visit sirius.com. It is the beauty of having commercial free music, 100's of channels, and it is only a couple of bucks a month. I NEVER listen to FM Radio, I highly recommend Sirius.

    My truck has a stock CD Player too, I use it frequently, but it was included with the truck, so no great feautres were included ('cept for MP3 cd playback).

    What kind of truck do you have, Dan? Mine is a red '07 Chevy Colorado.
  • I have 2, my lil' everyday driver '94 Toyota pick up and my '05 Ford F-350 super duty diesel 4x4 crew cab that I use for my farmin' needs.
  • - Creative Zen Micro MP3 player - is the mutts nuts!! I wanted a 60GB video ipod but couldnt afford it

    - Sony Erricson mobile - MP3 player - sony cybershot camera its mint and i love it

    - Nintendo DS - Keeps me entertained while im on my dinner at work

    - PS2 - no comment ;)

    - Laptop - wireless!!!
  • Dan E Staff said:
    I have 2, my lil' everyday driver '94 Toyota pick up and my '05 Ford F-350 super duty diesel 4x4 crew cab that I use for my farmin' needs.

    That's cool. My Colorado is the first truck I've ever had, previously I had a Mustang and Cavalier. Not sure what's next for me though. Are you the kind of guy who "Tricks out" his trucks? :) I love watching TV shows about that, thinking how much I wish I had the money to do all the neat stuff they do to their trucks.

    Jane S STAFF said:
    - Creative Zen Micro MP3 player - is the mutts nuts!! I wanted a 60GB video ipod but couldnt afford it

    - Nintendo DS - Keeps me entertained while im on my dinner at work

    The Creative Zen... is it the one with an SD card slot, or does it have flash memory? I've heard a lot about it, but I like my Ipod+Itunes combination enough that I think I'll stick with them for a while. I didn't need the 60 Gig iPod, I just stuck with the 30GB one. It would take me years to fill up the thing, I am nowhere near capacity.

    Do you have a PSP as well, or just a DS? I used to be a big Game Boy Advance fan, back before SP and DS came out. I just kind of moved to console games, but have thought about getting either a PSP or DS. I just don't know that either is going to have enough good games to satisfy me.
  • Tiff has the PSP and i have the DS - He doesnt trust me to take the PSP to work. And i like using gaming as an excuse to not talk to some of the people i work with over lunch lol

    I love LOCOROCO!! on the PSP though......
  • Jane S STAFF said:
    Tiff has the PSP and i have the DS

    Cool. So, best of both worlds then ;)

    Well, I guess I still don't know which handheld I want though...
  • Personally, i prefer the DS - there are so many more games i can play in that than the PSP apart from locoroco!!

    I love the fact you can play movies and MP3 and have photos on the PSP too though
  • I hate to interrupt the party (not really, I actually enjoy it) but I 'm not big on electronics at all. The objects I feel affection towards can be categorized as rather robust and inludes things like kitchen knifes, Dr. Marten's boots and paintings.

    I used to be quite into gadgetry, but after having struggled for a couple of years now distanced myself emotionally from any form of equipment that has intructions containing prohibitations about soaking, heating, magetising or applying blunt force to the apparatus in question. This has relieved me of alot of built up aggravation as I from time to time wake up and find half of the keyboard digits from my laptop floating around in the kitchen sink (apparently they were make shift water lillies in the "My little pony"-horse's pond).

    The only thing I can feel the slightest admiration for is a gigantic printer we have at work. It's a pearl able to plot drawings up to 1.5 meters in width.:wub:
  • Magnus A STAFF said:
    Dr. Marten's boots


    That is funny right there. A huge printer would excite me too. I like messing around in Photoshop, I'd love to be able to print off some big poster sized art for my walls. Are you allowed to print personal stuff on your work printer, or would that be against company rules?

    You didn't ruin the party, you just added some humor to it :p
  • My fav electronic devices are :

    My beloved PS3
    My PS2 w/ HDD and HD Loader, still love my baby !!
    The 32" LCD HD TV
    My 'puter: a Compaq Presario which has none of the original hardware when I got it 4 yrs ago. I guess the only Presario part anymore is the tower itself.
  • Magnus A STAFF said:
    I hate to interrupt the party (not really, I actually enjoy it) but I 'm not big on electronics at all. The objects I feel affection towards can be categorized as rather robust and inludes things like kitchen knifes, Dr. Marten's boots and paintings.

    Got to say my fav gadget is a 48p waiters corkscrew from ASDA Walmart I bought 4 years ago & best damn thing in the kitcken, I use it for more than opening many bottles of wine.

    My list would be
    • 1gig ipod nano
    • 1gig Sony ATRAC network walkman
    • wireless notebook
    • PS1 & PS2
    • Guitar Hero SG controller
    • PSP - I use every option & item on it fully
    • old Sony K700i mobile phone, been through hell, gigs, festivals - new model in the works
    • Gamecube - I know it's old, but still play on it
    • Multi format DVD player & sound system
    • USB flash drives better than a pocket of 3 1/2" Floppies! :D
  • My
    would be: listed in order
    Lenovo laptop
    Homebrew computer
    Sony 6.1 Surround sound,
    and thats really about it!?
  • Mine:
    PS3-My Favourite thing in the whole world ! :D

    Samsung 26" HDTV- It plays my Favourite thing in the whole world. lol..

    PS2 - Still going strong, and still amazing.

    PSP - Statistically i think its the best handheld around, its amazing does everything i want it two, and there are some awesome games to play on it...
    And it can even access the internet. :D

    Computer - It does the job, but it can be very slow. But i couldnt live without it...

    DS - i dont actually have 1 but my lil bro has 1 and i've played on it, and its great fun if you're out and about. Plus FF3 and the new Pokemon are out on it, so its got a whole lot better. :D

    As you can see i'm a gaming man myself, but most other electronics are cool...... But expensive lol........
  • My PS3
    42" Plasma HDTV
    Wireless Laptop
    Archos MP3 Player
    Xbox 360(wouldve come a little higher had my first one not got the RoD)
    I just love electronics and i love gadgets
  • Wow. I looked at your list MCW and it is pretty limited. I only had two of the gadgets you listed and that would be..

    APPLE-Yes, I prefer the Apple Macintosh to the PC any day. There are several times it can be rather inconvenient, but it's sooo much less likely to die within the first two years. I would its also restricted to a few viruses, but the newer Macbooks with the Dual chip offer a gateway for all the PC viruses to step in. I got lucky by getting the Powerbook G4. It's about 4 years old and apart from the year that it spent inactive due to a poor hard drive it's a really good lappie.;)

    Nintendo-I enjoy all of the Nintendo gadgets. This doesn't include the Wii. Not because I hate the Wii or anything, I've just never had the privilege of playing it. I have played all of the gadgets up to the Wii though. From the old school NES to the Game Cube, Massive Game Boy to the DS. It's a pretty good gaming system to have at parties or on trips.:)
  • im allways on the look out for the latest gadgets upto now ive got....
    ps3 of course,one of the best gadgets a "MAN" or woman can have.
    phillips streamium wifi hifi,has it's faults but looks and sounds great.
    panasonic 26 HDTV cant have a ps3 without one.
    what i would really like is an apple touch phone....very cool :cool:
  • Jane N STAFF said:
    - Creative Zen Micro MP3 player - is the mutts nuts!!

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! The mutts nuts huh? I dont know why that amuses me so much but thanks for that.

    My faves would have to be my ITouch, PS3 and all of my guitar equipment.
  • I would loveto add to my list

    A samsung F700 - Hailed as the poor mans iphone!! (coz i aint spending
  • i would go for creative over apple i hate i tunes
  • as of right now mine would have to be:
    my ps3
    wireless Dell laptop
    4 gb Ipod nano which I plan to upgrade in the coming months
    my ps2 with HDD and HD Loader.
    my guitar equipment
    and last but not least, my second generation LG Chocolate phone with a 4gb memory card. I recently purchased this from a friend when my phone broke and now I have no plans of getting rid of it. I get all my sports updates and my music right in my cell phone.
  • N64!!!!

    well i guess i cant post a short message so i write this :)
  • It had some classic games. I've recently come across a tournament a company are running for the legendary, James Bond Goldeneye, on the N64. Considering the game itself must be around a decade old, aswell as the system, i found this pretty impressive...:)
  • Hmmmm, I would say my fav are:

    PS3 - such a great multimedia centre and gaming console

    Marantz 5.1 Amp - I am into 70' music and Films in general (last i saw is Sweeny Todd, Johnny Depp is one of my fav actors)

    Bose Speakers - What ever the volume being it low or high, the music is always crisp. I would cry if something happens to these.

    Sony Bravia 32" - Since I got the PS3, i can really see the potential of this model.

    Compaq nx7400 PC - All the work I do is done on this laptop and I used to play World of Warcraft on it with no issues at all.

    In no special order.
  • I really love the Hp pc my daughter got last christmas. Its beats the heck out of the Dell my mom has.

    I am like everyone else. I have a few electronic gadgets and what nots in my house. My second choice would be is the old ps2. ;) julie
  • my ipod

    and my imaginary Ibanez sv5470 + equipment :p


    ok i have to admit the picture does not look as good as a les paul in the picture but when your holding the guitar in your hands its the most beautiful (non customized) guitar i have ever played and seen!!

    i only have an acoustic guitar
  • Apple. You just gotta love them iPods.:p

    Sony. PS2 FTW!

    Dell. They make the best laptops.

    Microsoft. XP, Word, Vista, Media Player... can't wait for Windows 7. Don't know about their Zunes though.

    Nintendo. Wii, Super Mario...
  • I GOT MY GUITAR!! not that one but its still really good its a ibanez RG for people here who play the guitar.

    and chriss i never noticed that you dp was mooby the golden calf untill now arg i feel stupid lol gotta be one of my favorite movies too.
  • I voted for SONY.

    Both my big-screens (47" in bedroom, 60" in Living Room) are SONY's, so is my surround sound system, DVD players, stereo equipment, MP3 players, and two of my computers.

    In addition to my PS1, PS2, PS3 & PSP, I am certainly a SONY product fan.
  • My new LG 32" 1080p 24hz/s TV, awesome for Blu Ray's and PS3.

    Mt PS3 obviously, awesome multimedia functionality, AND great games.

    My iPOD, thousands of classic and contemporary rock at your fingertips.

    My PC, its not powerfull but i am slowly upgrading everything in it, thats half the fun, already insatlled 4GB of memeory, what a difference.

    I am a gadget freak, but my interest usually wanes after a few weeks, these things keep me coming back.
  • I love my ps3, but i also really like my Sharp HD t.v
    On another note, i hate my linksys router most of the time.

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