Pirates of Caribbean: Legend of Jack Sparrow
  • I am in the fourth chapter: Port Royal Rescue the Damsel. I am at the end of the mission which requires opening a door within a minute. I get to the door, I have killed all of the enemies. In this game you have to be in a glowing circle with skull and cross bones to activate various mechanisms. I am in the circle and then I press the objects in the order that the computer tells me, circle, square, x, and triangle or whatever. Jack presses the bottom, scratches his head, has his hands on the doorknobs and imitates as though he is turning it but the door never opens. What am I supposed to do?
  • You must be missing a button press somewhere down the line for the door not to open. The timing on these things must be somewhat exact.
  • I am in the 6th chapter: Silver Mines, Cloudy Linings--on the second level of the mine shaft after releasing the two prisoners.The objective is reach the surface.

    I am near the end of this section--I have blown up all of the blockades, found the map, the health treasure, killed all of the guards, etc.
    One of the blockades was in front of what appears to be an elevator shaft. When Jack goes on it nothing happens. I have tried cutting ropes but no x appears. I knocked down to wood braces in front of this section, they blew up but nothing happened the elevator staid put. I have tried getting on with a mine cart and this did not release it. I tried blowing a mine cart up on the elevator and nothing happens. Is this elevator platform what I need to reach the surface. All other avenues appear to be dead ends--mine carts explode over cliffs etc. except for this one.
  • The freed prisoners are supposed to hoist the elevator (with you in it) to the top.

    Once you get up there look for the boarded up coves for some gold chests. If you send the cart right and then left you will find a health chest. Now go left, right, left to get the map piece. Send the cart left, right, right to get the exit.
  • Thanks, I had done all of that. The problem was that Jack had to stand in the dead center of the platform for a couple seconds and then Will follows. The same was true in the damsel chapter where the character opening the door had to be dead center just in front of the glowing circle.