I can connect to interenet but not PS Network
  • Hi all

    For the last week I have been having huge problems connecting my Playstation3 to the Playstation network. I have been in
    touch with them several times and they have been unable to help.

    I have got a Belkin wireless router in my house which I have set up and works fine connecting to the internet. I can also
    access the internet through my PS3 so I dont think I have a problem with the IP adresses that I have set up. I have also set up the
    DMZ in my router for the IP address of the Playstation so that all of the ports are open to the Playstation3.

    With all of this set up I still can't get through to Playstation network; when doing an internet test on the PS3 it says 'successful' on
    obtaining IP adress and on the internet connection but fails on the Playstation Network.

    Have you any advice for me as I am close to taking the router back from where I bought it to exchange for a different one. If you cant advise anything, can you tell me router that you are using to connect and how easy it was to set up.

    Also, not sure if it has anything to do with this but suddenly I am unable to connect to hotmail or MSN in IE7 or Mozilla.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.
  • It's possible the router may be a bit faulty- several others have had problems with them. before unhooking everything and taking it back, however, maybe try a simple "power cycle" of the router. Unplug it for a couple of minutes them plug it in again- this may get rid of the "brain freeze" it seems to have now.

    As for my own personal use, i have had no problems at all with the D-Link brand. If you do go for an exchange the DI-624 would be a good choice.
  • Alrite man. I had the exact same problem. Contacted Sony about it and was given no help. They advised me that is was a router problem so i contacted belkin who told me i needed to contact sony. Useless.

    I decided to ring belkin again and was put through to one of their senior technical support managers. They helped me sort out the problem and it was a lot simpler than i thought. I too could not access hotmail or msn as they are secure sites and all these sites are inaccessible due to the problem.

    Go to your belkin homepage and select connection type on the menu on the left side of the page. I originally had PPPoE but was told to change this to PPPoA. Follow the wizard and enter your isp details. Try to access hotmail as a test to see if it worked.

    This is how my problem was solved but it may be different for you.
    Let me know if it works
  • Thanks for the reply. I decided to take my Belkin router back and exchanged it for a D-Link and then it worked with no problem at all. Was easy to set up and worked straight away.

  • Help, my portal's been working for a year for me and my ps3, but just now I was gaming online (what else :) and it just conked out. When I did the network test everything's good apart from Playstation Network, but it can connect to the internet...WHY ME! Nothings wrong with my connection or anything but it just stopped in the middle of something!:(
  • i think its the problem that everyone else is getting, m3ph1st0n, just wait for a bit and it should start working.