Need Help With Lair!
  • On out of the ashes, the spider wasp, it won't give me the opportunity to finish it off. I got his life line down to one red bar and now he won't try attacking me with venom so I can land on his back to finally kill him. I have been fighting it like this for about thirty minutes.
    I am using the fireballs and trying to move in as close as I can and nothing is working.
    Am I doing something wrong?
    Please help me with this.

  • What you are supposed to do is shoot at the Spiderwasp, it doesn't matter where, and keep dodging its attacks. It will attempt to hit you with its stinger, dodge this and then dash forward to get on its back. From here you will need to tear up its shell. Eventually you will move away, but all you need to do is repeat this pattern. It should take you doing this three times to finish off the spiderwasp.
    Hope this helps...:)
  • I have done what you said, like I said I have gotten it down to the last red bar of his life line, but now he won't attack me with his venom so that I can get on his back. I know about shaking it so his shell comes off which I have done three times already but it won't give me the chance to finish it off by attacking me with his venom one more time. All it is doing is lunging at me wich doesn't give me the chance to get on it's back. When I dash for it it doesn't put me on it's back
    Can you help me with this?

    DaviDDii :cool:
  • I got it. It finally attacked me with it's stinger for the last time and I was able to bring it down. I fought it for an hour last night and it still would't attack me with it's stinger.

  • Lol....Thats strategy normally works first time. Sorry it didnt help you out too much. Anyway congrats on beating the Spiderwasp.;) I trust you got through the rest of the level ok?