Final fantasy XII
  • k heres the problem ..i have been playing final fantasy about 4-5 moths now ... last week i turned off the game without saving while it was on ...i tried playing it the next day and when i put the disc it when it starts the PLAY STATION 2 sign pops out and thats all the screen just goes black sometimes it will go into the main loading screen after maybe 30 min and then when i try to load a file it will load but not show me image i can hear the music and everything but the screen is just black do u know why and what should i do about this?
    this same problem happened to me with final fantasy X :( please help
  • Does this only happen with Final Fantasy games or does it happen with other games too?
  • i have the same problem, i have the collectors edition of ff12 the disc reads playstation 2, ( i have a v12 slim ps2 if that will help im not sure), then just stays completely blank and makes clicking sounds
  • i have both collecters adittion and normal addition but it does do that to me no the collecters only maby they f.. up in the factory???
  • Hey guys
    I have almost the same problem, my game just stops to black screen and music when entering a certain passthrough in the game.. Why does it only happen at a certain "door"? Only game doing this and the disc looks perfect not a scratch....
    Kind regards
  • I would suggest giving the disc a wipe with a soft microfiber cloth, going from the middle out to the edge. Might be something in that bit of the data in the disc making it unreadable.