Random rants returns!
  • The old thread was getting kinda long, so i'd thought i'd start a new one, given its a new year and all. For those of you who don't know - we had a thread called random rants that was very big a while ago. It was started by KiLLA last summer and I know i certainly enjoyed waffling on in it about all sorts of stuff and nonsense! Post whatever pops into your head really. If something has pi**ed you off recently, or maybe you've just had a bad day - let everybody know about it. It can be serious or just plain stupid - it doesn't matter

    Remember - this was the thread that the
  • I'm with you Gid

    we shell out a f**king fortune every year to buy our games and then we still get treated like sh*t :(

    the excuse is localisation of the languages? well that might explain the reason behind the delay of FFX (voice dubbing) but what about GT3 and the like - we always have to wait - first japan, then North America then Europe and the remaining PAL regions.

    Did some one forget to mention to SONY that after the japanese home market its actually us - the bottom of the barrel, the last at the kitchen table - us Europeans are the next biggest market for consoles and games.

    So why are we treated like the poor relations?

    MSG2 was rushed in US for X-Box release and now its to be delayed in Europe? Some 4 months later?


    and by the way the world isnt flat - if it was we would see these games comming - but unfortunately they are still over the horizon! :mad:
  • i'm behind you guys for 100%, this thing ####ing me off for a long time. you guys in euope can see your self lucky cause at least you know when it will be released. here in israel i have to add 2-4 weeks from the PAL release date and then hope it will be imported because only 33%(+,-) of the games get to the stores. some times i hed to neg the store meneger (a friend of mine) for weeks until he could find a game i wanted thet is rated as (pop) in this site.

    i guess the world is not a global "vilage" but a global "city" with uptown and downtown.
  • I have one thing to say at the moment: Why do they serve American food at Chinese restaurants?
  • KFH... the same reason they sell Mexican food in American restaurants ... Can you still get Nacho's at Wendy's?
  • Dunno...Never tried.
  • What's up with all the free stuff that Japanese gamers get? I guess other gaming areas aren't quite the same. If they would sell the special edition of Xenosaga in the U/C or PAL regions then i would go out there and buy it. I guess that the Jap. market is the only real area that publishers feel are getting the games or are going to buy them. And why are there even different regions for gaming? Why can't all games just be released on the same region coding with the a way to change the different voiceovers in the game and then things would be much better. I don't see why this couldn't be done but then again i guess they get more money out of this some how. The gaming industry in general could be run so much better if companies would just talk and get things straght. Like i was having a chat with a lady from Sony about the online network and it seems that Sony doesn't want to release it until publishers show them some interest but yet i have heard from other companies that they will not and can not put out games until Sony gives them a release date for the online system. Some communication between companies would have things cleared up for alot of people. Sony has put the network on the back burner and no one is supposed to divulge any info on it. So why did they say anything in the first place then? Well, good thing that Square is putting out their own network and you will be able to get a modem built especially for FFXI.
  • Uhhhh............... is the Baked Potato at Wendys any good??
  • Baked potato .. with chili its good, skip the cheese though, it is processed #### that doesn't melt .... WHAT KIND OF CHEESE DOESN'T MELT !!!!

    I stick to the burgers myself, wendy's are the best burgers, followed closely by BK..

    What about that Bk breakfast, what will they think of next?
  • Man, I really liked that one mushroom burger or whatever that they had at Wendy's on time. They always do it as one of those 'Limited Time Only' deals, I hate that, now I can't get one until they bring it back for another 2 seconds!
  • MAcdeonalds did that in engalnd at world cup time with a 'hat trick' burger that was cool....3 beef patties in there... dammit

    I have not ate fast food in over 6 months, my diaet is rather too strict right now unfortunately....

    sigh.....b u r g e r
  • F**K the price of cigarettes and F**K the damn restrictions to grow my own F**KING tobacco if I wanna kill myself slowly and painfully then thats my own damn buisness
  • [b][i] :2devilish: A guy get so dam*ed tired of living in a free country where
  • [quote][b][i] :2devilish: A guy get so dam*ed tired of living in a free country where
  • I have to agree with you there Gideon. I do not understand those who purchase a new game, insert thier GameShark (or buy the stratagey manual), and zip right through a game just to get to the end.

    As you stated, sure these people can brag about thier high scores or how fast they completed a game, but they are truely missing out on the stratagey(ies) and the little nuances that a quality game provides the "average" user.

    To me, it's akin to purchasing a new book, reading the last chapter, then throwing it away!

    What a waste
  • Yeah, Gid, I've done some online gaming, only with Diablo II: Lord of Destrucion though.
  • [quote]They run around with their little gamesharks and strategy guides surgically attached asking questions like how do I pause the game or how do I open doors etc. because they can
  • well, working for maccys i know that in the uk esp, we got sum cool stuff cuming up!!

    But if i told ya, id have to kill ya
  • Those people with
  • Vibration syndrome?
  • Now I happen to have a Redeemer cheat Cd which has a couple of cheats for FF9 (nothing that blows it wide open mind you, they just make it a little easier to complete, my favs are infinate gems and infinate item usage, the first lets you equip all your abilities at once and the second saves a lot of money) and although I do use them a lot I completed the game once using nothing but my own skill.
  • So vibrating controllers cause white finger (which incidentily my dad is claiming for as he was a miner, way back when), well, what about vibrating mobile phones?

    And what were the parents doing when this kid was having 7hr gaming marathons every nite? glad he was being quiet i bet!! werent complaining then where they??

    Grrrrrrrrrrr :mad:
  • Y'know what really p*sses me off?
  • Something that gets me going is people that dont mind there own business.
    On friday I was at my cuzzie's house and after numerous beers he pleaded with me to do a dougnut outside his place
  • You bad SHAGGER, you bad
  • How did you guess Gideon.

    Just finding it hard to master drive-by shootings on a bike
  • Ya know what really fries my snickers!?!?
  • flippin eck speedie, why dont u say what u really fink!!
  • Hey speedie, you're right... It seems that anyone who plays Diablo II has their own ways of doing things, I have mine, my brother has his, but the thing is, he won't stop bothering me about not picking up every single item, and clearing every single bit of every single area. I would really like to give him a piece of my mind, but I would probably get in trouble if I did, plus, I don't like to yell much.
  • Hippie, if ya think it'd help, why don't you show him the thread, and what I posted??
  • Yeah, I usually clear the whole map, but I might accidentally leave a tiny bit and he usually says that we should go a billion miles back to where we missed that spot, just to discover that there's nothing there.

    But also, I think the main problem is that his mind can't be changed, I mean, I have an uncle that plays Diablo II with one of his friends, whenever we see them and get to talking about Diablo II they also completely disagree with my brother, he just plain won't change his mind. Plus, he is starting to tone down on the picking everything up.

    We have finally come up with a system. The basis of it is: Every time we make new characters, we pick which one will be the leader, that person gets to make every decision about gameplay style (within reason). That seems to be working pretty well.
  • Heh hehhehheheeeee, that's funny about going a billion miles back to uncover 1.2 mm of map, only to find: NOTHING.
  • No, we use different computers, but we only play with each other, not over the Internet.
  • Ok, here is another gripe of mine.

    Have you ever tried to contact a business via the telephone lately? Especially any of the utility companies
  • :2devilish: I have been playing phone tag with the phone co. I need them to replace a phone jack, I called them 3 weeks ago and about 500 times since then, "We will get right on that". Yeah , We will get right on that My A$$!!! :mad:
  • Hey'a DC, I was thinking (uh oh
  • Computer viruses. Why in the h*ll do stupid jerks make computer viruses? Its not funny. Its not cute. So why do they do it? Why would they do something that completely ruins someones schedule because they have to fix this freakin virus that some stupid jack*ss put on there computer. It p*sses me off. :mad:
  • [b][i] :2devilish: Lu, I would be more than willing to give that a shot, I am so tired of their crap!!! They showed up at 7 am cut my phone line and said they did not have the right parts and said they would be right back, it has been an hour and 45 minutes and they have not been back yet!!! in order to get phone service I went outside and tapped into the phone box myself.

    Now my waterline is leaking and the water co. says they can't get to it till monday yet it is on my side of the meter and is costing me money!!!! I have insurance to cover the water co. repairing the line on my side of the meter so the money is not the point. The point is, my water pressure sucks, I can not have a decent shower!! and I pay for their prompt service.
    I am going to hold on paying my bills until I get some kind of justice, you see I put in the water line from the water plant to my house (2miles of 4 inch line at a cost of about 4grand) under the agreement that I would pay for those expences if they took care of all repairs there after. That has not happend and it is gonna change.!!!!
  • Our roof, iceidently over my bed, in my room, started leaking on xmas eve, and of course no good samaritan wud come out then, well fair enuf. It took the guy 2 weeks to get back to us, another week to saw the wood up, then 4 days to fix the bleedin roof!!!!! I wudnt mind but i spent all my days making him flimmin cups of tea!!!!! hed have 2hr breaks for his dinner, what a muppet!!!!!!!! I wudnt mind, but it was dripping over my bed!!!!! :mad:
  • Why is it that people find it amuzing to start rumors about you??? First of all the fact that highschool is made to beat you down and keep on kicking you in the head. Second it gets worse when all the cute girls all know you by one name and that the only name they know you by is from the rumor. Why are people so cruel...

    This rant was brought to you by a shattered soul that used to be human. :(
  • Why is that companies (utilities and services as well as delivery etc) manage to screw things up with great finesse at every conceivable opportunity and then nobody in the company seems to know whose responsibility it is to sort things out? Why is it that it takes about 3 days of phone calls to actually track down that one person who goes
  • Want revenge on all the junk mail you get? When you get ads in your phone or utility bill, include them
  • Heheh. I think I will try that. It will be funny. :2devilish:
  • Yea that postage thing is a cool idea Rex77.

    My gripe today is who the he!! invented hangovers ? There was a great party in my head lastnight but I just wish the dude with the pounding drum would shut up and go home, plus my mouth feels like a tramp leaft his coat behind.
  • [b][i] :2devilish: My rant is directed at my own stupidity, I wanted to paticipate more in the live chat session, but I smashed my dam* fingers in a frickin' gate, so, my typing was slowed down greatly.
  • I guess this-here random rant is geared more at my own feeble-mindedness
  • Gid, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO with you on that one!!!
  • [b][i] :2devilish: Flamming, the harrasment or insulting of one via a BB or chat.
  • Man Devilchild, that had to hurt (smashing your hand)! I've never done that before but I have run headlong into one (on accident) and that hurt enough.
  • [b][i] :2devilish: Headlong into a gate KFH, Now that had to hurt!!!
    What Kinda gate?
    The one I smashed my fingers in was a 14ft steel gate, it dropped of the hinges and pinned my hand between it and the gate post, it was not to bad, just needed to whine about it, my girlfriend would not feel sorry for me. :cry:
  • I'm pretty sure the gate I hit was about the same as yours I don't know the exact measurements, but it was definately metal and about 14 ft. wide.
  • [b][i] :2devilish: People who seem to think that their morals and values are the ones that everyone else should be held to, and, Systems of worship that teach their supieriority over others.
  • It looks as if once again we have been visited by the "PC police"
  • My problem is with a member of this site. Yes, a member of this site. Now I'm not naming names, but this member has been making completely effortless posts. No punctuation and absolutely no grammar. I find the energy to hit shift when a capital letter is needed and to type more than one sentence, I know its tough to do it but I'm able to muster up the strength to do it. No I'm not an english teacher I just like to see a clean post. To me this is spamming as well as posting something that is not relevant. I mean come on!!! Try it, it's not that hard. The only reason I'm not taking it up with the member or a moderator is to wait and see if it stops after this is posted and if anyone else has noticed it.


    Just had to get that out. :mad:
  • No punctuation and absolutely no grammar. I find the energy to hit shift when a capital letter is needed and to type more than one sentence, I know its tough to do it but I'm able to muster up the strength to do it.[/b]

    Oh yes Rex77, you are not the only one to notice. As you stated, yourself (like most here) are not English majors, and do occasionally mis-spell words or even destroy a sentence or two; but pure out-and-out laziness when it comes to posting is another matter.

    Yes, there is a BIG difference between a member who speaks/writes English as a secondary language
  • I can't say it puts me in too much of a happy, happy, joy, joy mood when i see examples of what you guys have just mentioned. Unfortunately it's not restricted to merely one person - i can think of at least several members whose names immediately indicate the post will be nothing more than inane, often indecipherable, gibberish (at least my inane ranting has a modicum of grammatical structure).

    Perhaps all of these suffer from severe forms of dyslexia, but even so this would only explain the spelling and grammar and not the pitiful content. When I log on and see that certain members have made more than half a dozen posts in any given forum with only a couple of minutes separating the post times, I know full well the posts are going to be either 1) unintelligible; 2) completely fu**ing useless; or 3) parroting what has been said previously in that thread; and that all the posts will be an average of 2 lines. This is bad enough when I see it in the bar or lounge, but it
  • Thanks guys for your support, I had been thinking about this for quite awhile. I had a fear of the responses I would get, now knowing that I'm not alone and I'm glad that I made the post.

    Once again thanks for your support and anyone else who posts support after this.
  • Yeah, I really hate it when people are that incredibly lazy. I mean, some consider me lazy and I type my posts correctly.
  • OK, I hate to have to say this, but, Lu, I am a Born Again Christain, and I do not fit into any of those categories that you seem to have so conveniently put us all into.
  • Stereotypes are terrible in general. :nono:
  • Pat said those things, I didn't... I don't fit into his box... I don't fit into any box..... nor do you, or anyone else.... we're all unique... and I hate stereotypes.... that's my rant and that's all I'm saying
  • :2devilish: Stereotypes and Generalizations is how the human mind works, we make an imediate decision on what group of people a person falls into, the minute we read what they write, hear what they think and say, or see how they dress. That is a hard fact.

    Our judgements on people are based on our life experiences.

    For me, if it walks and talks like a duck.....it's a duck!!!, until it proves otherwise!!!
  • Speediebeenie..You go girl! I second all you said.
  • I was talking bollocks so I deleted this message in edit mode. Apologies Madhtr

  • You know what's decidedly gotten under my skin recently is all of the complaining about how the forums are run and what is deemed as unneccesary. Rules in forums are there so that the forums won't run away with themselves and hang on their own shoelaces after sticking their foot in their mouth too many times. When a topic is off subject then that's classified as spamming which in the rules is deemed to be not done. Ok, so unless these people read rules that are different than everyone else's then you should understand why a thread about ghosts with subject material that is not on ghosts was threatened to be closed. Sure this post is directed at the post by Digger but it's not just that anymore. It's what i've had to listen to for months and months. It's gotten to a point where i don't even feel like answering questions because i don't want to have to deal with someone who has decided that i am doing my job wrong. I do my job to the best of my ability and sometimes that means spending hours upon hours in the forums answering your questions and making sure that you have the release date that you want. I don't know how much more of this i'll take before i decide that it's too much because there have been a few times where i was down in the dumps and nearly cut ties with the site but didn't. Now that i am in a good mentality i feel like there's a lack of respect and appreciation in these forums and if the only way for me to get this is to leave then so be it. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • :2devilish: Mad, I PM'ed you to tell ya how I felt, you are overworked and undervalued by some members.

    To get to business:

    My rant is short, "False Pretenses" :mad:
  • hear hear ! Devilchild
  • This isn't a rant...it's an apology.I'm sure I've cause enough around here lately to give people cause to rant.I'm truely sorry for all that has happened.This is something that got completely out of control.I ask all of your forgiveness in this matter.My online protocol still lacks a lot of fine tuning.If anyone was personally hurt from all of this..I am really sorry.
  • Computers.....blo*dy computers!!
  • no what really makes me sick?

    It seems no matter how soon im getting over a cold or a fight with the flu, im sick again straight away!!!!!!

    And also stupid websites that seem to be exactly what your searching for, then they cant be found!!!!!! WHAAAAAA :cry:

    And buses, and the silly women in the sandwich shop at lunchtime that out butter on my sarnie when i asked for it without!

    there, all better now!
  • Now that i am in a good mentality i feel like there's a lack of respect and appreciation in these forums and if the only way for me to get this is to leave then so be it[/b]

    My rant is directed at myself. My apologies for my knee jerk reaction Madhtr. For someone who tries to be rational and unbiased, I've sure been making alot of noise the last couple of days. My sincere apologies for doing so. I don't know how much feedback you do get as a moderator but I have noticed you have a clearly thought out unbiased approach in all the replys/warnings I have read :holidays2:
  • [b][i] :2devilish: I hate it when I have that nagging feelin', in certain situations, where I feel that there was something I should have done to change the shape of events that happend, but I did not make the attempt or the effort was just not enough.
  • Yo this might be kinda stupid but anyways. THe food at my school is so f**kin budget. I go to a good private school and they put all the rice in a sack and re use it, they reuse the canned fruit after it is opened, they reuse the butter and vegetables and god to they have some s**t that truly sucks. well that was my really really random rant
    by the way, I'm so f**kin eager to get a new GTA game. I did beat State of EMergency in 9 hours straight
  • My random rant for today is about people who will never
    apologise for what they say or do to someone, but instead,
    they just babble on about how right they are.
  • Here we go again people
  • Do you consider yourself PC? If so, go to the nearest dictionary and look up the word "Skanky Turd", it should define who you are!

    Yeah, I hear ya' Gid. I am just amazed that these Liberal Bleeding-hearts are so thin-skinned that they are "offended" by just the mere mention of a word or idea.

    It is a good thing our ancestors were of a bit stronger meddle than these pansey-waisted, spineless, pathetic twits that have permeated the planet as of late.

    Let's see
  • :2devilish: Testify my brother, TESTIFY!!!
  • T.V. shows which feature the following phrases:

    World's most dangerous............
    World's scariest...........

    Some of you may not agree with this one and it
  • Hey Gid,

    You ever notice all these "high drama" shows that you mentioned are usually followed by these gems:

    The Mole

  • Everyone seems to miss the main reason that I consider those shows good: Not the crappy drama part, just the plain competition, that is a great contest. Fun to watch and look at the dynamics of it too.

    I guess a lot of people don't understand that.
  • If y'all don't mind, I'd like to 'rant' a moment.
  • Way to go speediebeenie, I find blowing people like that a large kiss ticks them of more than anything else.

    My rant today is about a game, yup you read right, a game.

    The game in the spotlight is "Return to Castle Wolfenstein". Now dont get me wrong the single player and multiplayer modes are great. What am I ranting about you may ask. The multipayer ! The idea is so cool because you have objectives you have too achive as a team but if you dont have at least 10 people to join the game it makes the whole multiplayer a waste of frikin time. We spent the cash for this game because we wanted to have a different challenge to play over the LAN and with only 3 of us in the office to play it turned out to be a pure waste of cash ! It is pretty pointless if you cant add bots in to the opposing side.......DU ! Oh yea it is pretty easy to beat the f***ing computer if it doesn't have any players........double DU DU !

    We resorted back to playing good old faithfull Quake III Team Arena

    Yo Lu - "skanky turd" = A repugnantly filthy contemptible person. Is that correct ?
  • Skanky Turds! Lucifer, you crack me up!
  • wb,

    Oh how correct you are regarding your rant my red freind
  • I have two random rants today.
  • Ahh one rant... Why is it that when I'm listening to my walkman on the bus or street, people i don't know seem to like asking me questions! It's annoying taking off my headphones and turning off my walkman, when there's 30 other people without em! ARG.
  • [b][i] :2devilish: People who can not find fact in their argument, then they turn to name callin' and mud slingin', Or those who find themselves on the losing end and decide to end an argument, all the while proclaiming they have taken the moral high ground, there is no room on this high ground, all the self-proclaimed rightious have it reserved for their a$$es.
  • Wow Gideon!!!Are you a mindreader or summat?I was gonna start a new topic exactly like this!!!Freaky!!!Anyways,I wanna rant about age ratings on games!!!I saved up for ages to buy Die Hard trilogy 2.Got me so far.Die hard trilogy 1 was okay and didn't have an age rating.So imagine my surprise when I got down GAME in Milton Keynes and found out I couldnt buy Die Hard trilogy 2 because of an age rating!!So then I get an adult to buy it for me(snik-snik)and found out the game stunk like a pair of David Beckhams Y-fronts!!!Whats more,it contained hardly any swearing/violence.So what is the point of the age rating???Thanx Gideon for letting me express myself!!

  • Give me the news the way it happened, not the way it could have happened![/b]

    Diddn't any one tell you Lucifer?
  • Have you noticed when there is a serious accident on the roads everybody must slow down to take a look ? Shurley noboby realy wants to see a dead person ?

    Knowze Gungk I think mostly they scensor the sight of dead people, especialy on TV. Just the other day I saw a small video clip of a dude getting mauled by a bull in one of these crazy places they run down the road and let the bulls chase them. This dude was shurely dead, if not, he must have been pretty f***ed up after this bull threw him around like a rag-doll. My point is, I felt pretty sick to my stomach after watching this and am glad they (whoever they are) keep this kind of viewing of our home TV's
  • Have you noticed when there is a serious accident on the roads everybody must slow down to take a look ? Shurley noboby realy wants to see a dead person ?[/b]

    I used to be a volunteer EMT II in the small town I lived in, and I saw plenty of human carnage; as well as seeing my share of violence as a prison gaurd.

    I don't know if it doesn't really bother me, or I've become harddened to it, but seeing a dead (or dying person) isn't a big deal.

    As a matter of fact, I often visit extreme gore sites on the web that depict various forms of human death
  • Shagger,
    It's not so much them not showing it, it's them not even
    mentioning it.
  • I'm not sure if this is a rant or a b*tch, but here goes:

  • I agree wb,

    I LOVE the brain-teasers, trivia, etc....

    I used to post a few myself (geeze, we had a HUGE thread going at one time, remember?) But the last couple of times I posted any trivia-type threads, they got little or NO response, especially from the newer members. There are a few of the "Old Gaurd" as you refer to them, who did reply, but the thread soon gets religated to the "back pages" by an assault of one-line posts.

    Other than the acceptable "good joke" or "that was funny" posts one would expect in a joke-related thread, there are so many obsessed with their rankings which leads to many "I don't know" or "I've never heard of that" replies that do nothing to a thread other than add another post number to a members ranking.
  • I must admit I am no good at trivia type questions and answers so you will generaly (I think never) see me posting any reply. This is simply because I dont know what the answer is. Because I am not blond I will have to blame this on the occasional hangover brain deadness.

    I do however read those threads and think they are pretty cool. Maybe after a while reading them will bring my trivia knowledge up to scratch. It does get pretty annoying reading "one joke" threads which pushes all the other treads down to the bottom and onto other pages.

    This is a good b**ch um I mean rant wreckingball.
  • Is it just me or in the past if people had several short jokes to post, they would post them all in one thread (some people still do), what I see a lot of is separate threads opened for sometimes one or 2 lines of text. There
  • Well, okay, I've wanted to post this one for a while, and now I've got a little time to spare, sooooooooo.....

    What is it with people who use drugs?
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