again code veronica
  • im still chris in the 3rd part of this game and i have to get the eagle plate from the sewer but the problem is that eletric monster is in the water can someone please tell me how to kill it and the only weapons i have is the shotgun and handgun thanks
  • First things first- do NOT step into the water. This will make the boss (Albanoid) send shock waves through the water. No idea how much damage this will do but better not to find out, right? ;)

    Equip the shotgun and shoot him as he swims toward you. Don't run back and forth as this will only make him run away. Be sure to use Auto Lock to make sure your aim is good. Eventually he will go down and you can get the plate safely.
  • so how many shotgun bullets does it take to take this boss out? im on a short supply and i dont go into the water? talking about the boss on part 3 when chris
  • I merged your two threads together here- easier to keep the talk about this one part of the game in one spot. B)

    I can't say how many shots it takes with any degree of certainty- if you can you may want to try getting yourself stocked up. Using the lock on will help make sure your misses are kept to a minimum to help conserve ammo.
  • ok but can i ask how do you get up to the room where the army proofs go without having to hang the shotgun bk up where is origonally was? i tried going bk up the elevator but its stuck on the upper floor can someone please help and give me directions?????? thanks