New COD4 maps
  • Just got an e-mail from Activision advising that new multiplayer maps are in development for PS3 and Xbox360, apparently they will be available for download in the Spring.

    This game just will not lie down.

    Cant wait!!
  • That was announced some time ago, will be awesome.............:D
  • hope there good any screenshots?
  • I heard about this and had a hunch that they were going to release the new maps to keep people on the game when SOCOM Confrontation comes out. You're right pokerdon. COD4 wont die. Its too new of a game and its still VERY playable. I'm looking forward to the new maps.
  • Still want to get to the last prestige mode, so that will keep me on the game for a long while yet.
  • im not losing my guns no chance im staying put with standard level 55.
  • I'm a long way off level 55,so whats the big choice?
    I'm definitely looking forward to some new maps could do with a host migrate thing as well so i wouldn't have to keep looking for a new game every five minutes.any idea when the new maps are due?
  • no idea when get to level 55 you get the choice to start again so lose all the waepons so you get a differant picture or something calledd presdtige.
  • all that time spent trying to get them weapons to lose them all at the end,it would be a tough choice,keep all the weapons or get a shiney new badge.
    i will have to wait and see.
  • Does anyone know if the maps will be free? If not, any idea of how much they will cost?
  • probably not mate most additions are charged for.
  • They most likely wont be free. You'll probably be looking in the region of £3-£5($10) for the maps as a download from the PS Store...
  • think your right Rob, someone asked me at work about this and i only then realised the e-mail i got did not mention anything about price etc.

    I would be very surprised if they didn't come in at around £3.99 on PSN, like the Motorstorm and Resistance DLC.
  • Ah yeah, I didn't really expect them to be free but I also haven't heard if there is a chance they will be or not. I was just hoping they would be really.
  • I would be very surprised if they didn't come in at around £3.99 on PSN, like the Motorstorm and Resistance DLC.

    Yeah thats the likely figure.
  • Call of Duty 4 DLC Map Pack Hands-On - PC News at GameSpot

    some info on the maps. There will be 4. Broadcast, Creek, Chinatown and Killhouse. They sound awesome. Doesn't say anything about the price though
  • shouldnt be linking to other games sites but yes i have seen them and they do look great especially the outdoor woodland one.The indoor one looks pretty cool aswell.
  • isnt there a kill house level on rainbow six?
  • Yeah, theres also a redux of it....Pretty cool map....:)
  • Ello all!! Long time, no see. After watching bits and pieces of them on youtube, I went over to my brother's house since he has the 360 version to check them out. Judging from comments and personal experience, I would have to say Creek is the best one out of the bunch. Sniper heaven though. I dont find it any bigger than Overgrown like some say. Of course, I will download them when they are released for the PS3. It will be nice to play some fresh maps. Not that i am bored with COD4. I've been bouncing back and forth between that and Rock Band.
  • Hey Nec.

    Yeah i'm looking forward to them, been watching bits and pieces too. I'll buy them as soon as their released, thats if i can get back on CoD4 online!....:rolleyes:
  • Im planing on getting the cod4 game of the year edition that comes out on the 24 this month. Its suppose to have most of the new maps, and it might even have some new single player content but thats just a guess.
  • New Single player content? I may have to look this up....:confused:
  • not seen anything mate already checked is there a date for new maps yet for ps3?
  • the new maps are available now for 360, the PS3 maps will be available when the Game Of The Year edition is released, if thats the 24th April then we should get them then, or possibly a few days later.

    I got this from Charlie Oscar Delta newsletter, so pretty reliable.
  • Below is a direct quote from Infinity Ward
  • Nice, thanks for the info Nec...:D
  • I was right about the date..................just the wrong continent!!!

  • THERE HERE,just downloaded them a bit expensive i think compared to some of the other add ons you can get but there you go,another thing i take it these only work if some one else has them and they chose these maps to play on a bit like warhawk,so you might shell out all this money and never really get to play on them unless you host the game yourself,which i can never do......have i just wasted more money :o .....AGAIN.:D
  • I just downloaded mine here in the US (eastern time). I didnt really have that much time to try them all out due to me making dinner for the fam. Yes...this man can cook. Anyways, I was very pleased with the download speed. It took a whole minute. lol I'll give my review of the new maps after playing them for a bit.

  • Im going to buy the game of the year edition this weekend
  • the new maps are great my favrote is creek what about you lot
  • Hey, I have been playing the new maps on my Xbox 360 but only just got COD4 for PS3 last week, me thinks it will be better on PS3 with all the host migration issues on live im over it...

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  • I'm not to sure about the mew maps at the moment,maybe it's because i have had much time to play them yet,thats probably why i couldn't find my way around them.
    I'm not to keen on the china town one it just seems out of place some how as for the broadcast map that just seems to similar to ones in rainbow six,the kill house one i have tried but that's another one that's been taken from rainbow six,i thought they would have taken more elements from the campaign bit of the game than just come up with random ideas apart from the broadcast one of course :)
  • I've heard that a couple of the maps are disliked, Chinatown being the most unpopular.
    As for all of the rest of the maps, thats obviously down to your individual opinion. Maybe, they'll just take a little time to get use too? You paid £6.99 for them after all, so give them some time...;)
  • have played all except Killhouse. I think the maps are great, and i really like Chinatown, lots of 2 storey houses etc, you have to be aware of threats coming from everywhere.
  • Could someone tell me how/where I download the new maps from please?
  • The new maps have to be purchased from the PlayStation Store on the PS3- you should find them under the Game Add-Ons.
  • Well... I've managed to get some play time in with three of the new maps. I'll give some quick opinions.

    Killhouse: I have yet to play (dont know why) What modes does this board appear on?

    Broadcast: This is the least favorite out of the three. Depending on what mode you play, that decides if the fight will be inside or outside. There isn't too much room outside of the building either. While there are plenty of obstacles to hide behind if you are a camper, it is not that hard to lose your bearings if you arent using the HUD.

    Chinatown: From what others said after this was released on the 360, I believed that I wouldnt like it. However, after playing and getting used to watching your back from EVERY angle, including a ton of windows, corners and accessible two sometimes three story buildings, I kind of liked it. Headquarters is decent in this. This was my second favorite out of the bunch.

    And now for my favorite.......

    Creek: I think people feared that this would be an all snipers map. That isnt the case. Yes, there were a couple to a few that use this method but for the most part, it was run & gun. Personally I cant stand sniping. This map is pretty big and again, has a lot of places to duck into if you get into trouble. If you use a silencer and the UAV perk, you are vitually invisible which I use and comes in very handy in a pretty open map like this. Lately though, it seems that no matter what mode I try to get into, Creek is usually the first map that comes up. Not that i mind due to me liking the map so much. I was just wondering if this happens to others.

    I think that the 9.99 was well worth the new maps.

    Thats just my 12 cents worth of thought for the day.

  • ive played the new maps a bit more now and also have yet to play the kill house one,the broadcast one im not to sure about like you say theres not alot of room any where really the creek ive played more than any of them and i think its starting to grow on me,china town ive only played a couple of times i think after a few goes (if it ever pops up) it mite just grow on me,the trouble i have with them at the moment is that i find it hard to get my bearings with not playing them that often.

    thats my ten bob of the day ;)
  • I'm just wondering if i could have still played the new maps if i hadn't have bought them or is it like warhawk you don't buy you don't play?
  • If you dont buy them, you wont be able to play them steelcitysurfer. You just wouldnt be able to get into any games that are using the new maps.