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  • I am surprised that I am the first to reply to this topic because this is such an freakin' awesome game. After getting on release day (2/28/06) it only took me slightly over eight months to beat it. Yes, I finally beat Black on normal mode, Chris. With the family gone today I had a good amount of time to dedicate to beating the final level.
    As I have said before with awesome voice acting this game is right up there with Metal Gear Solid. I am definitely looking forward to the sequel. To those who have beat it you'll have to say that the ending was left with a sequel in the books.
    The gun models are the best I have ever seen in a game, truly amazing. All this and an impressive AI to boot.
  • Rex77 said:
    this is such an freakin' awesome game... Yes, I finally beat Black on normal mode, Chris.

    Congratulations Rex! You're a trained killer! I knew you had it in you! Now, talk to me when you're starting Black Ops!;)

    This game is awesome. One of the best FPS ever, in my opinion. Not since Half Life, TimeSplitters or the 1st Medal of Honor have I enjoyed a shooter this much. I would put it up there with any of them. I am definitely looking forward to a sequel!
  • Chris, I am about to start Black Ops....I died a sum total of 3 times playing on Hard - obviously that was the last part of the Gulag one :o

    Then just for the hell of it I went to play it on easy, just to see what the difference was....and got wasted in the border crossing level!!! :redface:

    So now I have to be stone cold and meaner than Tiff on a poker night to succeed in the land of one shot kills - well for them, for me its about a clip per victim!! :huh:
  • Ah Rory, you're a better soldier than I. Must be all that IRA training?:o

    I died about 4 times alone dropping off the broken staircase/fire escape during the gulag. You know, the ground level right before you go underground and right after you waste the guy with the rocket launcher shooting from the next building. Every time, that shotgun dude came out of the locked door and wasted me. :mad: I finally made him eat a grenade.

    A little tip: Check your objectives often during Black Ops using the select button. It will offer a little display (Example - 7/12) It will help make sure you don't leave an area without fully completing all objectives, especially the newly destructive ones.;)
  • Chris, I wouldnt go that far....I would have cost too much in bullets if Black is anything to go by... :rolleyes:

    I simply waited for the shotgun blast of him opening the door, tossed a grenade through the window and ran in seconds later with the machine gun i picked up at the top of the stairs blazing that took care of him and the other dude, then i nipped around the corner to reload and brace myself for the next shot gun maniac comming around the corner. Then i legged it over to the bottom of the stairs up to where the first rocket launcher bloke was - just enough for the second to have a crack at me then i headed back for the sniper rifle and shot at the window he was in, with dramatic effect :cool:

    cheers for the heads up on the destruction in black ops - it will be a week to i can get started as we have visitors in at the moment :frown:
  • Wheres all the trucks in black ops Tivliz Asylum I missing one in the black ops mode and am stuck Any help here would be great!
  • I, LOVE, THIS GAME! best 1st person shooter ever
    so want to try it with one of them laser gun controllers

    when is the sequel coming out?

    my only problem s with this game is well there is not enuth of it i want like 20 missions insted of 8 and the check piont you should be able to save at becaus of the length of the missions.

    i got it on ps2 3 days ago and got up to the last level in 6 hours thanks to a convenient flu. buy the way need tips for the last level.
    when i had been using stupid excuses to go to my cousins house and play it on his Xbox for 7 months and only got up to the mission with the steel works and the mine field.

    it is so much harder on the Xbox,


    the armored shot gun guys are not your problem the dudes with shields are.

    I HATE THEM SOO MUCH, in the sequel you should be able the nick there shields.


    in the sequel you should be able to order your squad (in the few missions you have one) around like in S.O.C.O.M navy seals, you know basic commands like stand ground, fall back move ahead, move and clear etc
  • oh and some were i heard that this game was based on a book is it?

    if so whats the book called if its as good as the game i'm reading it
  • A really good tip for the last room on the last level is to stay in the tunnel as long as you can. Pick off guys from the tunnel, stay on the right side while shooting guys on the left and vice versa.

    Once you think you have taken out all the guys inch out of the tunnel to spawn more. Once the guy with the RPG fires at you you're almost done.

    Hope this helps.

    Yes, it is a kick a** game, I have a PS3 now and still pop it in to vent a little frustration.:devilish:
  • Hei Chris, Black is one of those best ps2 FPS thats out there, till date. The gameplay and graphics are simply mind blowin. It truly pushes the PS2 to the limit. I've beaten all modes of the game and never felt tired of playin it over and over again.... Cheers...!!!! :cool:
  • this was my first taste of a FPS and it was great unbelievable game and now i cant get enough of FPS games there fantastic and all thanks to this game.
  • I absolutly loved Black!The mission wher you have to cross the boarder nd get to the farm is one of the best missions in any first person shooter! Is there a sequel?

    What about the Conflict: Desert Storm series?
  • I think Criterion stated that they aren't working on a sequel... currently.