Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories - Playstation 2
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  • Loved Liberty City. Cheats started messing with me though, got around by saving more than once each time. Not like Vice City where everything goes crazy when you cheat! I loved how it was focused on missions only and set in the same city as the first GTA. Missions were fun except for a few racing ones, stick to racing games for that though. Pretty Darn Addicting- MyRating
  • Liberty City was a good game but I thought it was kinda dull because it was set back to a city we have been to and not a new one. I think San Andreas is actually a better game than Liberty City.
  • I agree San Andreas had me hooked! I need to pump some iron when I get home.
    versus Liberty City- I wish I could get through this frickin mission when I get home.
  • I liked liberty city stories, better than vice city stories. I always liked the design of the first game better, and with the targeting somewhat fixed from the first one it was a really enjoyable game, plus i liked the liberty city angels or whatever missions.