• This game is a show and tell sort of thing. The rules are pretty simple. Answer the previous "headline" and create a new. The headline should read something like "Three things I've eaten today" or "Three cartoons I enjoyed as a child" . If you feel there is room for mor than three you may ask for four or five points but three should be the lower limit...

    So let's get going and see who will have a bite at

    Three foods I do not eat
  • Three foods I do not eat

    Prawns - ugh
    Beetroot -
    Horse - because it tastes truly horrible - nasty grain meat.

    next topic - Three worst towns/cities i have ever been in
  • Ok, well... most of you wont know these outback, trashy ghost towns full of rednecks and inbreeds... but anyhow!!!


    Very, very boring...

    Charters Towers

    Once again, very very boring


    Just a plain undesireable place to be!

    Ok... next Three celebrities I HATE!

  • er let's see.

    Justin Timberlake
    Just totally dispise him, dunno why, mostly his voice which is just well horrible really...

    Anyone from Big Brother
    Hate the show, hate the people in the show, especially that Jade Gooding or whatever her names is. Seen more brain cells in an Amoebe (spelling?).

    Micheal Jackson
    Used to like him when he was good in the 80's and VERY early 90's. Now he's just, well, not very likeable.

    Er next topic...
    Three worst sports/sports you hate...

  • Always fun to see what routes a new game takes. This one seems to have slipped into the rant-area. :D

    Here are some sports I dislike:

    Like normal Rugby but played in knee deep snow. It's great fun to watch but I have some bad memories from partisipating.

    I just don't like the idea of calling it a sport, but now that it is officially a sport I just have to dislike it.

    I just don't like it since I have never understood the rules really. I guess if I did it could be quite fun to watch (or play).

    OK next three:

    Three things I consider myself being better than average at. (Feel free to compare yourself to siblings, neighbours or handicaped people ;) )
  • Good topic :)

    Three things I'm better than average at...

    Poker - Love it, and actually make quite a nice sum of money playing it online. :)

    Football/Soccer - Ok I'm not quite Wayne Rooney, but consider myself pretty good and better than average!

    Eating - :D Could eat for England! I love my food!! And the great thing is I never put on weight with it!

    Next... Three people I'd like to be for a day - and why?
  • Brad Pitt- He's got Angelina Jolie, nuff said!!!

    Jay Cutler - Pro bodybuilder, Im into bodybuilding. I also would like to know how it feels to have so much strength.

    Bill Gates- All the money in the world. Would be nice to be able to buy anything I want and enjoy luxury for a day.

    Next topic.....Three Dream Jobs you would like to have.......
  • ooh dream jobs...
    let's see...

    Professional TV watcher - imagine getting paid just for watching tv. I do ALOT of that already so to get paid for it would be B)

    Professional Football (Soccer) Player - about
  • Pyramids/Sphinx - That one is a no brainer. Biggest project in the history of man, no?

    The Grand Canyon - Would like to borrow Tiff's time machine (he built back in the 1800's) and see the grand canyon formed from beginning to now in about 5 minutes.

    Mt. Rushmore - The sculpting would have been cool to see (again using Tiff's time machine). What vision.

    How about...

    Three animals I would like to be and why?

  • Woah, interesting one...

    - Polar Bear

    Those dudes are seriously strong, but they are pretty majestic too, awesome animal

    - Hawk (Or any type of large bird of prey)

    Mostly for the flying part, but being able to fly and only being some kind of sparrow would suck kinda!

    - Cheetah

    Fastest living animal... I think... nuff said!

    Next 3 : Three Movies you would like to be real and/ or be a part of and why?
  • 1. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children- I'd wanna meet the Turks and all the characters in that movie.

    2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail- If saying "yes" to joining the court at Camelot is all it takes, for sure would do that!

    3. Princess Diaries- It's not everyday that an average nerd/outcast gets picked to rule a country. I would like to think I have my own country out there somewhere. :D

    Next is: THREE GENERAL AMUSEMENT PARK RIDES I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF. (Feel free to describe the rides themselves)

    1) The Big One @ Blackpool - tallest in europe or something -

    2) Nemises @ Alton Towers - went years ago when this was the biggest coaster they had. Queued for 2 hours and it was class!!

    3) That Bob the builder one @ Asda - the song scares me!!

    Ok - Ummmm Three songs you can listen to again and again and never get bored of
  • Three songs?....hmmm

    Epiphany- Staind (this is my feeling down song)

    Kiss my country @$$- Rhett Akins (I am a redneck hillbilly farmboy YEE HAW!!!)

    The Reason- Hoobastank (reminds me of me)

    .....Three moments in your life you would like to relive again?

  • 3 moments in my life

    1) My wedding day - I loved it, but it flew by so fast I missed half of it, so this time I would life the other half!!

    2) My first time - I should have waited until I was at least a few years older

    3) Turning down the opportunity to buy a house 3 years ago for
  • Three vehicles I wish I had invented:

    1) The Airplane. How awesome would that be to be remembered for inventing the airplane.
    2) The Tank. Tanks are awesome and so I wish I had invented it.
    3) The Tonka Trucks (kiddie kind). Easy money. :clap:

    Next up: Three events on TV which you would cancel dinner plans for. :clap:
  • Ok...


    1. Great S3x (May include 2 or more females?)
    2. Episdode Marathon of one of my favourite shows (Seinfeld, Family Guy, Scrubs, etc)
    3. Spend special time with loved one/s

    Next! Three songs that bring you to tears/ almost bring you to tears

  • Three Songs that (Almost) Bring Me to Tears:

    1) If Only Tears Could Bring You Back- Blessid Union of Souls (listened to that song nonestop when my dear old Bandit got put to sleep. Absolutely gut wrentching.)

    2) Happiness- From the Musical You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. (This song always makes me cry. Don't know why)

    3) Drops of Jupiter- Train (My boyfriend played this song for me one night on a date. I imagine if he wanted to sing a song about me then he would probably sing this one.)

    Next one: Three Ice Cream Flavors You Would Put in the Coldstone Creamery Drawing (For those who don't know what this is, you can pick anything to put in your ice cream what would you put in it? This ice cream shop has a drawing every so often and people submit their ice cream recipes and the company picks one and makes it into a flavor.)
  • Ice-cream flavours that I would put in the box.

    Chocolate, vanilla and raspberry-vodka!

    Three things that made you (wanna) smash your keyboard/joystick:
  • Three things that made me wanna smash my keyboard/joystick/controller:

    1) When one of my larger sim families on the Sims 2 all burned to death because none would call the fire dept to entinguish a fire. Seriously, TEN PEOPLE all burned to death because none of them took priority of my commands to call the Fire Dept. <_< <br />
    2) Battle between Sabin(Mash) and Vargas on Final Fantasy VI. FFOnline gave me a code for a Blitz which was incorrect and it really really bothered me. I ended up dying because of that stupid code being wrong and having to start at the bottem of that stupid mountain... <_< <br />
    3) Losing at Mario Party Fishing Games. Very irritating game and you practically have to burn a hole in your hand to get some items...and yet if you lose...it's even MORE angering.

    Three Songs you wouldn't be caught dead listening to.
  • The three that RedKenny just suggested as songs that bring a tear to her eye... heh heh, sorry Red!

    Next Three worst smells you have ever encountered
  • Three worst smells you have ever encountered

    1) Rotting flesh - I used to work next to a GP and the nurse let me sit in on some consulations when i was doing a course on dressings and wounds. The smell of the rotten flesh in a MRSA infected wound is mingin!!

    2) p!ss - Sorry but people who smell of wee or sweat - there is no need AT ALL!!! you can buy soap for 8p in ASDA!!! If they can afford booze and food then a bar of soap isnt going to kill them

    3) Donington (or general festival) toilets - :pooh: , sick and wee - 70,000 people and about 5 bogs!! You try to hold your breath, you try to hurry up, but its not happening. The smell brought tears to my eyes!

    The Three Best holidays you have ever been on...........
  • Hmmm..three of the best holidays eh? Does my birthday count?

    1) My birthday. Although it's placed at the worst possible time for school..I use that day as sort of a relaxing day more than anything. Plus: I get to wear a crown!!
    2) Christmas Day. The only time my brother can get a vacation from his career is during Christmas time. So he comes down and visits us and it's just awesome having my brother around because he makes our whole family laugh. Christmas Day is the one time my family will ALWAYS get along.
    3) The 4th of July. This is the day I usually spend with my friends or something but it's always a fun time. Regardless of what the fireworks look like.

    Three things you cannot go through your day without.
  • I think she meant holidays=vacations :laugh:

    Three things I can't go through the day without...

    Visiting here!

    Next - Three articles of clothing I would never wear...
  • clothing I would never wear

    1) Leather trousers

    2) PVC anything

    3) An Armagh GAA shirt....

    next up

    3 historical people you wish you had the chance to talk to
  • 3 historical people you wish you had the chance to talk to.....

    1) Jesus - Just to see if he was actually real or just a dude selling loaves and fishes out off the back of a camel on nazareth market. I would like to ask (if he was real - how he feels about these wars being fought and people being killed in his so called name) *not that i believe or owt but thats not for here

    2) Cliff Burton - (Metallica Bassist that passed away) i would wanna chill with cliff and just check out what kinda guy he was as he sadly passed away before i got my passion for Metallica

    3) Any of the pharmaceutical founders (guys who invented antibiotics/analgesia etc) and The very first surgeons. Would love to see what they think of todays drugs and surgical techniques

    Three parts of your daily routine..........
  • Three parts of my daily routine:
    1) Wet the dogs down with water. It gets hot here in Cali and if I'm not around to let my beagles in the house I wanna know that I'm at least giving them a different way to cool off apart from panting heavily.
    2) Duac My Face. Got acne meds from the Dermatologist and it's an everyday necessary.
    3) Read my book. Depending on what book I'm reading I will either read a bit or a lot..but either way, I read...A LOT!! :D

    Three things your parents told you not to do, but you did anyway.
  • Three things your parents told you not to do, but you did anyway

    1) Drink Alcohol

    2) Climb Trees - A guy who lived round the corner from us lost his hand when he fell out of a tree so we always got told dont climb trees or you will end up loosing your hand

    3) Moved in with my ex. They both hated him - didnt want me to live with him - i did anyways

    Three things you are gonna do over the weekened
  • Over the weekend I will (probably)

    1: Play some Dragon Quest VIII
    2: Argue with my girlfriend just a little bit about the technicalities of moving
    3: Play with the kids

    (Sorry, nothing special there, maybe I should have waited for the next weekend, going to a festival then I am.)

    Three Topics in this thread that could be turned into individual threads!
  • 3 topics so far that would make good threads....

    3 Historical people you wish you had a chance to talk to

    3 Moments in your life you would like to re live

    3 Dream jobs you wish you had

    (obviously I personally would like to see 3 reasons why I wouldnt wear an Armagh shirt (see earlier) but thats probably never going to happen...)

    Next up... 3 worst things you have ever done for money
  • Three of the Worst Things I've Done for Money:

    1) Lied to my parents. Brother snuck outta the house and he said he would pay me ten bucks if I said he had been there for the past 20 minutes.
    2) Eaten puppy food. (See encyclopedia api for more details there)
    3) Starved myself. In order to save up for a PSone (since I had no job and no allowance apart from lunch money) I had to budget my eating. I only ate once a day as opposed to the usual twice. I ended up getting a PSone within about three months.


    1) Sheep for the PSone

    2) Trauma centre for the DS

    3) The eye toy games!

    Three of the most embarrassing things you have done
  • OK, here goes.

    Firstly... When I was school (high School guess you'd call it) I was in er the first year I think. Anyway, I got picked on a couple of times and this girl in my Form backed me up and said to stop being mean etc... so I got her a box of chocolate covered stick things, forget their name, as a thank you present (we were breaking up for the Xmas hols). Anyway, after the hols, most of the girls in my class kept asking when I was gonna give THEM some chocolates, REALLY embarrassing.
    Er, next, when I sent a REALLY long email to a girl who I eventually 'got with'. It had all the things stating how We should be together etc... (thinking back now after what happened, maybe I should've left it :angry2: )

    Third? I honestly can't think of a third thing that stands out :blink:

    Anyway, how about for the next thing...

    Three people who's lives you would risk your own for to save them? Does that make sense? :wacko:

  • Well that's pretty easy, we are four persons in my family and since I can't give my own life to save myself ^_^ I will have to go with:
    My Partner
    My Daughter
    My Son


    Three most attractive, overwieght celebreties.
  • Three most attractive, overwieght celebreties

    It depends what you consider overweight but;

    1) Fern Britton - She has a nice face and isnt bothered about who she is

    2) Peter Kay - Just something about a guy that makes me laff!

    3) JOhn Travolta - Hes been at the Pies a bit in the last few years - but still sexy as ever!!

    Three guilty pleasures
  • Only three?!?! There are so many.

    1. Drinking, soooo much fun the night before, not so much the next morning.

    2. Cheating on a girlfriend, I have not done this when I was dating my wife. I was seeing a girl I really didn't care for, hence why the cheating took place. There was a little bit a lot of guilty pleasure #1 involved as well.

    3. Speeding, I love driving fast. The faster the better.

    Three favourite Canadians.

  • Three favorite Canadians? With a whole country to choose from it's hard to name just three...
    [list=1][*]William Shatner - Captain Kirk
    [*]Daniel Negreanu - Kid Poker
    [*]Rex77 - Pain in the :censored:
    Three favorite snack foods...
  • Three favorite snack foods:[list=1][*]Ding Dongs
    [*]Cheez Its
    Three remarks you've heard and/or said which you thought were stupid.(try to keep it appropriate) :tongue:
  • Three remarks you've heard and/or said which you thought were stupid.(try to keep it appropriate)

    1) Said by people on a hot day - 'Oh that sun is hot' - Well of course it :censored: is!!!

    2) My sister went to Tesco last week to get some Ice and they told her they didnt stock it as it is a seasonal product??

    3) Do you want to finish early on friday? - Has got to be the stupidest thing i have ever been wasked - ermmmmmm

    Three of the best things you have got for FREE (without stealing!!)
  • Three of the best things I got for FREE[list=1][*]Tifa- my older beagle walked up to me one day while I was outside hanging out with my best friend. She was owned by a elderly woman whom wasn't quite up for handling all of Tifa's puppy energy..so she offered to give me the beagle for free. I accepted (after consenting with my mom).
    [*]Credit Card- my dad got a free credit card under his name to give to me so that I may use it to purchase gas. While I only purchase gas with it, it was one of THE GREATEST things I received from my dad during Gas Price Jumps.
    [*]Ipod Shuffle-I won a 512MB Ipod Shuffle from my old Employer, Knott's Berry Farm. The leads and administrators handed out Recognition cards to employees whenever they did a good job at something. I had collected 140 cards over the whole summer and dumped them into the drawing box and won first prize..the iPod Shuffle!!! :D
    Three things of which you have no technical knowledge of. (i.e. how to setup a sound system) that you wish you did.
  • Three things I have no technical knowledge of...

    1. My daughters IPod, I have never downloaded a song. Streaming my favourite radio station is good enough for me.

    2. Upgrading/repairing my computer, it isn't doing what I want... restart usually solves my problems.

    3. Electricity... amps, volts so on and so forth... what the :censored: is the difference? Its all electricity isn't it?

    Three things you have done but wished later you hadn't.

  • Well, I usually don't regret my actions but there are a few exceptions to that.

    1. Being "romantic" with a good (lady) friend.
    2. Killing my stepbrothers pet mouse. Even though it was an accident.
    3. Throwing rotten potatoes at cars. Onlly time I the police and I had a serious conversation.

    Next: Three things you'd rather be doing (when ever instead of whatever).
  • 3 things i would rather be doing

    1. Watching Metallica Live. Nothing NOTHING beats watching these guys live for me

    2. Hanging out with all my friends - The ones i see everyday, the ones from the UK torn, the ones off here and the ones from home - I would have a big party!!

    3. Having my hair washed at the hairdressers - I went today and i love it when they wash your hair - i nearly dozed off

    3 things you would eat for your last meal
  • Three things I would eat for my last meal.
    1) El Cholo Chimichangas-NOTHING beats those for me. They're very tasty.
    2) Spinach rolls- Mom taught me how to make spinach rolls and they are very good. I could eat those all day, and it wouldn't hurt me cuz spinach is good for ya.
    3) Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with Gummy Bears-A very sentimental sort of thing. I haven't had frozen yogurt for a long time.

    Three things you dream about often..
  • Three things i often dream about

    1. Metallica showing up at work and i have to dispense their prescriptions - ver bizzarre

    2. That im in resident evil!!

    3. The wedding - things going right, things going wrong - i always wake up in a cold sweat!!!

    three things you would do if you won the lottery (millions!!)
  • Three things I would do if i won the lottery...

    1) Continue working for 3 months, endearing myself to the management (!) - sorry I mean, winding them all up readying myself to be fired

    2) Take the wife on a trip to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Alsaska and Iceland

    3) Buy a chalet in the Swiss Alps for a winter holiday home - everyone welcome!

    Next up 3 things that you would bring to a party in my Swiss mountain retreat...
  • Three things I would bring to your party Majik? Who said I was even going? :-P Just kidding. Seriously. Aside from food and drinks and clothing here's what I would bring:

    1. DDR / Guitar Hero-You can't have a group party without those types of games.
    2. Ipod- Gotta listen to something while everyone's partying hardy.
    3. Drafts/Notes of my Stories- Something for me to do. I feel weird not having something to write hanging over my shoulders so I'd have to bring a notebook just to feel safe.

    Three things you intend to buy within the last few months of the year.
  • Three things I intend to buy within the last few months of the year?
    Well let's see, the first would've been PS3 but as that's now been put back to March over here in good ol' Brighty then guess I'll have to leave that out.
    Anyway here goes:
    1. New games e.g. NFS: Carbon, FIFA 07, Smackdown! vs RAW 2007 etc...
    2. Clothes. I really need some new clothes, although might convince my mum to pay for some.
    3. Will probably buy a WII to put me on while I'm waiting for my PS3 in March.
    Right, what three things would you do if you knew you only had like a year at the most to live?
  • Three things i would do if i knew i only had about a year to live??

    1) Get married!! Then tiff will inherit all my debts lol :)

    2) Go on holiday - a cruise maybe seeing as much as i could

    3) Have a huge 'going away' party!!! For all my friends and famiky to go too!

    If you had a round the world flight - 3 places you would HAVE to go to?
  • OOOOh!! Oddy are we all invited?! Certainly it wouldn't be a party without your APi community!! :p

    Three places I would HAVE to go to on a world flight:

    1) Madrid Spain- I've wanted to see the good old bull fights...matador and all!
    2) Anywhere in England- Never been there, but I would certainly LOVE to see all the castles and the like.
    3) Northern Parts of Alaska-I wanna see snow and actually be able to touch it, make snowballs and run a dogsled around.

    Three of the best gag gifts you've gotten someone.
  • thre of the best gag gifts ive gotton someone

    1) a train set for my dad as he's an engineer for network rail - backfired a bit coz he loved it lol!!
    2) A soap dish for my mum from ikea - was bl**dy horrible but wrapped it up for her - she didnt know wether to laugh or cry
    3) We bought my mum the most horrible blackpool tower ornament and tiff gave it to her as a serious gift. She didnt know what to say and she used to keep it in a drawer until he was coming then she would get it out and display it proudly. I eventually told her we'd bought it her as a joke because it was soo horrible!!!!

    What 3 songs would you sing on kareoke??
  • Three songs I would sing kareoke to:

    1) Reflection by Christina Aguilara
    2) Everytime We Touch by Cascada
    3) Everywhere by Michelle Branch

    Three events you wanna live to see.
  • three events i wanna live to see

    1) the 2012 olympics coz i reckon they are gonna make a big hash up of it

    2) my wedding!!

    3)the PS3 release in the UK lol!!

    Three bands you wanna see live
  • RedKennypup2004 said:
    2) Anywhere in England- Never been there, but I would certainly LOVE to see all the castles and the like.

    Hey Red, what do you think the year is over here in England? Sounds like you still think we're in the time of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. You'll be saying you wanna see a Dragon next :p

    Anyway, where were we. Oh right, Three Bands I wanna see live! Er, does it have to be just bands or can I choose Solo Artists as well? I'm gonna imagine you've already said yes to Solo artists so here goes.
    1. Kylie (I mean come on, she is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. If I come back a woman, I wanna have that arse :eek:).
    2. Robbie Williams (He is the best Male Solo Artist out there. Whatever anyone says. Will Young? HAH, no way).
    3. Black-Eyed Peas (Probably get hit by someone for saying that, but I really like their songs. Well most of them anyway).

    Right then. Which three planets would you like to visit in our Solar System, and why?
    (Thought an explanation of your choices would be interesting for all to read).
  • Hmm...I'll bite on this one.

    1. Mars, for a more obvious and realistic start. I'm eager for humanity to start getting into the whole space thing so we don't have all our eggs in one basket.

    2. Saturn, or the moons thereof; Ganymede and Titan would be fun; first, because Ganymede is a common subject of sci-fi and, well, the both of them because of their useage in Cowboy Bebop. Just for the novelty of it all.

    3. Jupiter, or the moons thereof! In this case, Sinope. Just because it's like...the least-mentioned moon of all time. Io'd be cool too, though, what with the volcanoes.

    For everyone else...one that might take a bit of pondering.

    What are...your three favorite names? Male, female, whatever. I've got some real favorites, what about you guys?
  • Three fav names... Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    1) Leon - This name rox - reminds me of a guy i used to drink in a pub with with curly hair and a long black leather jacket

    2) Roy - my almost Brother in law admitted when drunk that his middle name is roy so he is and forever will be known as roy - i even wrote it on his wedding invite lol!!

    3) Janey - i kinda like my name now

    Three things you eat regularly for lunch
  • Okay, first Jay..I don't think you guys are all in the Age of King Arthur. But I do know that you all have Castles over there or else:
    (1)Monty Python and the Holy Grail would never exist.
    (2) All the commercials about the gaurds whom gaurd castles not budging or moving for anything wouldn't exist.
    (3)The Queen wouldn't have a home. What kind of Queen would live in a shack??


    Three things I regularly eat for lunch:
    1) Baja Fresh Baja Burrito. Oh my gosh, it's delish!!:o Nothing can beat that.
    2) McDonald's. If I'm in a rush somewhere McDonald's is where I go.
    3) String Cheese. This thing held me over all the time during nutricional breaks and it has stayed with me ever since.

    Three games you absolutely loothed.
  • OK then Red, I get what you're saying. However, not to be too picky, but technically the Queen lives at Buckingham PALACE (not Castle) and those guards you're on about, they stand outside the Queens Palace as well.
    I'll let you off though, because we DO have some great Castles over here. Was just messing with you :D

    Anyway, Three games I loath?
    I honestly don't think I've played on any I didn't like. Could I choose some that I liked but what could've been better in oh so many ways? If so then they are:
    1. Command and Conquer series (only putting this because there hasn't been any decent ones for ages, plus why haven't they released any on any of the consoles since C&C Red Alert and follow up on PSONE? I want a PS2 C&C :mad: If they wait and release one for PS3, then that'll do also).
    2. Fighting Games Genre (ALL fighting games just don't last long enough. They need more varied fighters, more levels, more special moves, basically more of everything. Things that make you WANT to complete everything, as opposed to play a bit every now and then and then leave the game and never go back to it again).
    3. Tomb Raider games (What has happened to this series of games? I think it peeked at like TR 2 or 3 and then the rest were just dreadful. Legend was a bit better, but I still think the best was Tomb Raider 2 and that was obviously on the PSONE).

    Anyway, what about the next thing to answer?

    What three Scientific breakthroughs throughout the centuries would you have liked to have made?
  • OK, would that be scientific breakthroughs that someone else already made and that I would like to have credit for or breakthroughs that I would have liked to have had, but didn't. I'm guessing the first one, right?

    First off: The application of the wheel as machine element.
    Second: Sterilisation, the kind you do to surgery instruments and surgeons hands, not the genital one.
    Third: The Lagrange Theorem

    The first two I would like to have "invented" just because they are of the "why didn't I think of that" kind. The third just becasue it's much easier to say "The Andersson Theorem" than Lugraunch Theorem.

    OK, what three tasks would you like your computer to be able to preform?
  • Could I be creative on this one?:confused: Three commands I wish my computer would be able to perform:

    1) Support a Wireless Hub. (would make working on my laptop here at home soooo much easier)
    2) Be able to create an RPG without it freezing.
    3) Clean my house.:o

    Next up:
    Three periods of History you were glad you weren't alive for.
  • Three periods of history im glad i wasn't alive in.

    1) 70's - hideous hideous fashion!!

    2) When anaesthesia for surgerys didnt exist!!

    3) Times when women were second class - i stick up for myself - and love the sound of my own voice more than i care to admit - For me to be 'slave' to someone else is my idea of hell!

    Three fashion/hair disasters you care to admit?
  • Jane S STAFF said:

    3) Times when women were second class - i stick up for myself - and love the sound of my own voice more than i care to admit - For me to be 'slave' to someone else is my idea of hell!

    Slave? You'd be burned at a stake, whitch! :p

    OK, the hair/fashion.

    1. The Clown-doo. Anyone who've seen the pics on myspace know what I'm talking about. I don't regret it, I just admit that it might not have been the best idea I've ever had.

    2. The Red and Purple Raver-doo. This hair wasn't really that bad either. At least it wasn't until I attended a party in the deep woods hosted by a bunch of not so open minded leather-vest-wearing people. Most of my crew left the party bleeding.

    3. The Gustav Vasa-doo image We were going on vacation in Portugal and I needed to get a haircut. To save money for beer I had my mother cut my hair and it ended up looking like Urkel was my stylist. If I atleast could have had grown a beard it would have had looked a bit better, but alas, I lack that ability.

    Three things you do when you have absolutely nothing to do.
  • Three things you do when you have absolutely nothing to do.

    1) Extra work learning - I have piles or articles and journals i really should read but never never do! Im frightened i may learn something what would make me useful

    2) Watch Shopping Channels - If im up before tiff or there is nothing else to do i flick through the 20+ shopping channels on Sky TV (these are the only ones we still get) Wonder knives, magic mops, craft things, blingy rings the list goes on - Ive started spotting the same 'actors' on each advert

    3) Put the ipod on random - who knows a song may come on i haven't heard for an age then i get back into that - Like my recent kaiser Cheifs re-awakening !

    Three jobs you would love to try and why?
  • Three jobs I would love to try and why:
    1) I would love to work for Red Vs Blue..working with creating Machinima in general would be awesome.
    2) Dancer-I'm not good at dancing, but I can dream about it every so often.:confused:
    3) Reporter/Editor for a Newpaper-After reading Marley and Me it seems like that job would be a whole lot of fun.:D

    Three of your favorite cartoon characters ever.
  • Three of my fav cartoon characters

    1) daria - If i was a cartoon this would be me!!

    2) Stewie Griffin - If i have a baby i want one like stewie

    3) Spongebob Squarepants - A reason to get up early on a saturday morning

    3 TV adverts/commercials you love!
  • Three commercials I like:

    1)The Banned Mastercard commercial- The one with the guy walking the girl to the door and he has his hand on the Paging Device outside the apartment.

    2) The Ikea Commercial where that kid is riding a trike through the house and making sound effects and everything.

    3) Any of the Welch's Grape Juice commercials, cuz the kids look so tired of drinking it that they hardly drink any when they have to advertise it.:D

    Three things your parents have done to try and act cool, but have totally embarrassed themselves in the process.
  • Three things your parents have done to try and act cool, but have totally embarrassed themselves in the process.

    Not really try to act cool - but these are times the parentals have embarrassed me

    1) Everytime my dad does a 'cool' song on kareoke - Nirvana, green day, the offspring, the clash. Bless his heart!

    2) Whenever my mum gets drunk - She sings she dances - she makes me wish the floor would open up!!

    3) When my mum got the jumper stuck on her head which my sister recorded on her mobile phone and has been EVERYWHERE now!!

    Three musical instruments you would love to try to play

    P.S. I still have the video if anyone wants a laugh!! If I can get it onto myspace or something.
  • Three instruments I would like to play:

    1) Clarinet-Ever since hearing Peter and the Wolf I've wanted to play the Clarinet, but my mom didn't want me to...so I didn't get to.:(

    2) Drum Set-I wish I could have the coordination to perform on that thing, but I can't multitask in that respect.:huh:

    3) The Electric Bass-How easy would that be? All you have to do is play several notes..not chords! Easy enough for me.:eek:

    Three people you couldn't go through the day without seeing.
  • This may be just me - but there isnt anybody that i couldnt get through the day without seeing. Two days maybe - but one day meh. Havent seen tiff since yesterday about 3pm and its not bugging me yet. Havent seen the parentals since august.

    Three things you have lied about
  • Three things I have Lied about:
    1) My time management-I was found out.:redface: I used to tell my parents all the time during middle school that I would get my homework done when I actually didn't so I ended up getting grounded for three months.
    2) My age- It's part of being a woman. I've lied to some guests at Knott's about my age to make them leave me alone though.
    3) Going to work- One night I called in at work and decided that in order to get by my parents, I headed out and went to Disneyland for the whole time I was supposed to be at work.:)

    Three experiences you never want to relive.
  • Three experiences i never want to relive

    1) The babys funeral - One of the worst things i have ever had to do FACT

    2) Being beaten up by my ex - Was stupid to put myself in that position - never again. Fell sorry for the poor bugger the next time my cousins see him out round town.

    3) Finding out id failed my exam - horrible horrible feeling - dont wanna go through that at glasgow!!

    Three animals you would love to be
  • Three animals you would love to be...

    [*]An Eagle - would love to fly but as a big predator not a sparrow
    [*]A Cheetah - would love to run that fast and eat nothing but red meat
    [*]A Dolphin - swimming fast/doing tricks like at Sea World (but in the ocean)

    Three Olympic Sports you would like to earn a Gold Medal doing?
  • 1. Cycling - In the velodrome - My dad used to race in competitions both mountain biking/roadracing, He once had to test a bike for an italian designer on a velodrome track and it was so cool to see it. Would love to have a go

    2. Snowboarding - Winter olympics obviously. I love snowboarding although i havent been for a few years. Me and tiff checked out an indoor snow place and were gonna go down for a long weekend soon so he can have a try

    3. Badminton. I played for school and a little for college. Play occasionally now just for fun - but would love to try and get back into it

    Three parts to your morning routine
  • Three parts of my morning routine:
    1) Hitting the snooze button on my phone.:)
    2) Grabbing a Dr. Pepper and drinking a little bit.
    3) Straightening my hair-I didn't straighten my hair yesterday and felt like an absolute mess.

    Three things that make you excited!
  • Three things that make me excited

    1) WEDDINGGGG!!!!! 318 days and counting!!!!

    2) SHOPPINGG!!!!!

    3) METALLCIA!!! - like going to see them again!!!

    Three things that make you sad??
  • Three things that make me sad?

    Well at the minute there are actually 5 things that make me very unhappy, but I will list 3 of them and I think you will be able to work out the rest....

    1) Going in to work on Monday

    2) Going in to work on Tuesday

    3) Going in to work on Wednesday

    I am actively trying to do something to remove this drudgery from my live and make me happier on the week days.... :rolleyes:

    List 3 ways you de-stress? (the curse of modern living?)
  • Would that be "De stress" as in how I cope with stress? Or Distress as in how I act when I'm stressed. I suppose I'll go with the former.

    Three ways I De-Stress
    1) Play a videogame-Usually I play the Sims and make their lives miserable. After having a miserable day, miserable Sims ensues hilarity and smiles out of me. I'm sure this will all change once I get my CD Drive cuz then I'll be able to play Halo.:o
    2) Write-Writing helps me organize my thoughts and rationalize problems. If I can write problems down they're stuck there and I can see the problems/stresses I have for what they really are and not see them as a big mountain of greif.
    3) Watch Red Vs Blue-The machinima series on Halo has become what I use to get laughter in my day and if I can't do any of the previous, I always resort to that.

    Three of your favorite drinks.
  • Three of my favourite drinks

    1. Lemonade

    2. Mango iced tea from starbucks

    3. Hot chocolate

    Three things you have done today
  • Three things I have done today?

    1) Shaved

    2) Put a load of washing in the tumble dryer - warms the kitchen up lovely without having to turn on the heating!!

    3) Made the missus breakfast in bed (admittedly only tea and toast but...)

    Name 3 celebrities that you would consider putting a move on. (for those in relationships, the other half has promised to grant a "free pass" for the weekend on these celebs....)
  • Name 3 celebrities that you would consider putting a move on. (for those in relationships, the other half has promised to grant a "free pass" for the weekend on these celebs....)

    1. Richard Hammond - Id feed him grapes and make him better - Then show him what fast cars do for me :huh:

    2. James Hetfield - Woof!

    3. Julian Macmahon (Christian in Nip/Tuck) mmmmmmm

    3 things you wouldnt do even for a million pounds!
  • I have to say Rory's thing first (I simply can't resist)
    1) James Lafferty (One Tree Hill)-MMmmm
    2) Joel Heyman (Red Vs Blue)-He's pretty good looking. Actually, he's one of the best looking out of the whole cast.
    3) Jesse Spencer (House M.D.)-Wouldn't mind messing with him. He's got good hair, eyes and a heck of a sexy accent.

    Now for oddy's:
    Three things I wouldn't do for a million pounds (or dollars)
    1) Sky dive-I'm afraid of heights, I would probably die in the flight up there...so NO!
    2) Bungie Jump- Same thing.
    3) Eat feces- I'm sorry. That's just too gross. I wouldn't do that if anyone paid me a million dollars.:huh:

    Three things you would take with you to a deserted island.
  • Three things you would take with you to a deserted island.

    1) Water Purification Kit

    2) Satelite Telephone and Solar panel charger

    3) An ocean going yacht :o


    I loved Jane's last one so I am going to modify it a bit

    Name three things your would do to get your hands on a million pounds (about 1.8m dollars), but wouldnt do for less than that amount?
  • First off I just wanted to say this. Mel you should've stuck with million punds NOT million dollars. A million dollars is only something 650,000 to 700,000 pounds. So you'd end up with something like $1,200,000 or something like that.

    Anyway, what was your question?
    oh right, three things I'd take with me to a desert island. Actually I'd rather take three people than three things. So the three people are:
    1. Hunter/Cook/general servant person. This person could then go and hunt for the food, cook it, and then serve it. Also could do cleaning and stuff.
    2. Architect. This person could desing a fantastic house out of the palm trees and whatnot. (Anyone seen The Simpsons episode where Bart and the kids get stuck on an island and Bart thinks up a fantastic housing system with monkey butlers? Kind of like that but without the monkey butlers).
    3. Builder. Well you need someone to build the house don't you?

    Edit: Darnit, Rory beat me. Guess I've got to answer his as well!

    Three things I would do to get my hands on a million pounds (about 1.8m dollars), but wouldn't do for less than that amount?
    1. Teach children aged 4-11. Many people would find this a daunting prospect (personally I wouldn't mind) so would be a good way to earn an easy mil.
    2. Put up with Bill Gates. I'm not a big fan of his, so I'd just about be willing to listen to him for an hour or two blabbing on about the XBOX 360 and Windows etc if I knew I was going to get a million pounds at the end of it.
    3. Sign for a professional English football (soccer) club who wasn't Leeds United. I'd do that and then hope I could become the next "big thing" and sign for my home team, Leeds United, at some point. I would never, and I mean NEVER, sign for Manchester United even if I was paid £10 million. Ok, maybe 10 million but nothing less. I'd then put in a transfer request asap to get the hell out of there, lol :laugh:

    Anyway, now for mine:
    If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live? Which three places would you like to move to?
  • What can I say Jay? I'm a Yankee.;) You all talk of pounds and I have no converter on the PC, so I have absolute no idea how much you all are talking when converted to US Dollars. I still wouldn't do those things I listed even now that you've converted it for me.

    If I could live anywhere in the world:
    1) Juneau, Alaska-Reason? Climate is nice during the summer. No blazing hot sun, no need to worry about sunburns. Once the climate reaches mid 70's it's nice.:) Plus, I'd like to see snow during winter instead of just dealing with rain.

    2) Australia- Haven't ever been there, but based on what I've seen from pictures it looks nice.

    3) Germany-I have this strange urge to trace my roots back to Germany and would love to see that place. The second choice Uni of mine had a study abroad in Hiedelberg (spelling?) and a lot of my peers went there saying it was nice. Would definately love to try it out.

    Three embarrassing bets that you can't believe you lost.
  • Three embarrassing bets that I can't believe I lost... (all are MMA fights in the UFC, that is really the only thing I bet on)

    St. Pierre vs Serra I - St. Pierre lost to Serra in the first round, it was supposed to be the other way around, I mean Serra was a 1-10 underdog! Didn't really lose any money though, since everyone that was watching the fight was betting on St. Pierre anyway.

    Alexander vs Irvin - 8 second knockout from a Superman punch, tied for the fastest knockout in UFC history? C,mon! Oh, well.

    Hamill vs Bisping - Hamill made Bisping look like his b*tch the whole fight then Bisping walks away with the unanimous decision? Stupid judges.

    Three things you can't believe you won, not necessarily bets.
  • Three things I can't believe I won:

    1) An Ipod shuffle (the grand prize for employees at Knott's Berry Farm) They had a drawing out of a box of "good employee" cards and I popped up for first prize. At the time they posted the winnings, I was working and my supervisor came over the radio and told me I won the iPod. Pretty awesome.

    2) A Production of a Play I wrote. In my Playwriting class, I wrote about five plays and all of them were okay. Not incredibly steller, but my professor chose one of them to be produced next January. That was certainly a surprise.

    3) A Score of "64". Taco Bell had a pog sweepstakes where if you got a score of 64 you would win a Nintendo 64 (which had just come out). I opened my pog canister and got a pog with a 64 inside. I didn't get a Nintendo 64, which I'm still bitter over, but I won it.

    Three things you wish you had less of.
  • Hmmm... only three that I would like less of?

    Debt - might be unaminous for everyone. Not that we are huge in debt but it would be nice to get rid of the mortgage, car loan.

    Working hours - I used to work a lot of overtime, on average 12 hours a week. But now that I only work 8-5 Monday to Friday it is better, I guess I am being a little selfish.

    Things needing to be replaced - In the past year or so we have replaced our couch, washer and dryer, the main TV of the house, our car, the sink/faucet in the upstairs bathroom and the computer.:eek: What else can go wrong?

    I have to ask you Kenny (aka: Melinda) why did you not get the Nintendo 64?

    Three TV shows you don't like but watch them anyway for one reason or another.
  • Rex77 said:
    I have to ask you Kenny (aka: Melinda) why did you not get the Nintendo 64?

    Three TV shows you don't like but watch them anyway for one reason or another.

    I don't know why Rex. They made up some cheapy reasoning saying that because I only had one pog I didn't get the prize. Apparently you have to have at least two pogs that added up to 64. The reasoning didn't make sense to me, and I told them I had one pog and no pog in the other and it added to 64. They gave me a free bag of cinnamon twists, and I came out to the car in tears. I'm sure, being a dad yourself Rex, that you can imagine how my dad reacted. He stormed in there and gave the employees an earful for making his little girl cry. And even after them getting an earful I still didn't get the Nintendo 64. I think they didn't have one to begin with.

    Three TV shows I don't like, but watch anyway.

    1) Lost. I know I'll get nailed for this one, but Lost never really stuck with me. I only watch it so that I could keep up with my boyfriend when he was talking about it.

    2) South Park. Another I'll no doubt get made fun of for. I admit I have giggled a little at some remarks that have come from the show, but I don't necessarily find any bit of it as entertaining as say, Shin Chan.

    3) America's Funniest Home Videos. I have grown annoyed with the show that Saget made, but for some reason I can't help but still watch it. When you mute it, it's not too bad actually.

    Three things that were not worth the money you spent on them.
  • 1 - Nintendo Wii - fun but WHY insist on having silly controls for EVERY game, use the motion sensing when it makes sense, not just for the sake of it.

    2 - Sorry to say it but my PSP, can't believe Sony have not supported this the way they should have. It has been gathering dust for 12 months, don't actually know where it is!

    3 - My last haircut.........seriousley, £5!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter can do a number 2 all over for free!!

    Sorry, just realised that last one sounded all kinds of wrong.

    Anyway here we go.......

    Name your 3 favourite sauces.

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