The testing for several DVD to iPod converters
  • The testing for several DVD to iPod converters

    When the mp3 just come out a few years ago, people suddenly discovered that, with such a small device, carrying heavy machine CD and running everywhere are no longer needed.

    Then people around take with all kinds of MP3, enjoying their favorite music. Today, the people's demands are not only limited to listening to music, thus, MP4 player is more and more popular, of course, For the video player, we must mention Apple's iPod players, by Apple Computer Inc. The excellent quality of the products wins the largest users group, although the price is a little higher compared with some other products. But loyal "Apple fans" are still keen on it. Recently, with the recommendation of my friends, I purchase Apple iPod, failing to resist the temptation and joining their ranks. Then the attendant problems are coming after having it. How can I put DVD video onto iPod for playback? What kind of conversion tools can help complete this task? Will you search for a larger amount of the information about software to find the most suitable one? I spent a few days, to the end, and collected several good products from the major forums. By using the trial version for each one, I am familiar with the main features of each product.

    I did the test from several aspects of them and hope that everyone can choose the software that is suitable for you.

    Comparison for the operability of the interface

    One of the important factors that attract the iPod users is certainly the appearance and Apple products, with its simple but unique appearance attract a lot of support. When we use dvd to ipod converter software for conversion, It is for granted to hope it can also have the beautiful appearance same as iPod. Running the software, the first to enter our field of vision is the overall interface. For a good interface, we can gave it a very high scores at the first sight, and during the subsequent using process, we arre also in a relatively good mood. Many iPod users know little about the computer and such a complex parameter settings will make them brain fatigue. So the tools with the simple interface and easy steps are really more desirable.

    Here I will offer some outstanding software in the field of audio and video, and you can choose one that you like.

    Pavtube DVD to iPod Converter

    Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter

    PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter
  • image
    Super DVD to iPod Converter

    Xilisoft DVD to iPod Converter

    Movkit DVD to iPod Ripper

    Conclusion: overall, for the appearance, all the software has their unique design, and which one to choose is up to you. In my opinion, from the perspective of color, the styles for Movkit and Pavtube are the best.

    Performance (conversion speed and stability)

    When using conversion software, we often want efficient conversion speed. Converting a DVD files usually needs a lot of time. Usually from a one-hour DVD to MP4 format files it is about 30 minutes. If you have a lot of DVD to convert, you had better choose the software with fast speed. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time on conversion, meanwhile, your computer will be stepped into the bundling process.

    The test in this aspect took me a relatively long time, as the common DVD documents need an hour and a half for playback on average and the conversion time is around one hour.

    After the comprehensive test, I discover several problems. First, if converting the whole DVD discs, the speed is more or less same. The time for total conversion and the source file are controlled in the ratio of 1:1. As for the personal settings, Xilisoft, Movkit, and Pavtube software, all can automatically detect your CPU style, and then choose your processing algorithms to increase the conversion speed. If you have a concert CD, and just only want to convert several pieces of favorite music onto your iPod, you will discover the conversion speed for the chapters with Pavtube is less up to a half than the whole, and I was shocked.

    Output quality

    Video effects:
    Most iPod users enjoy movies with it, so it is particularly important for video effects. For the top DVD conversion tool, the quality of the output video is the same as the original one without any loss so that we can experience the enjoyment for high-precision video, otherwise, not only your eyes will be hurt, but the frequent beat and mosaic images also will annoy you.

    Audio quality:
    iPod is the most popular high-quality music output system around the world, so you can get the best music effects from it. Could you bear that a piece of good music becomes bad via conversion? I can not! Therefore, do not choose the converter that will damage your ears and brain. Among the software, except for super products, the other products all can customize the parameters such as the resolution, video / audio bit rate, and audio sample rate. Here we must to mention PQ DVD, on the interface, we can see clearly the slider for output quality, and output file size is shown too. Thus, it is very easy for us to balance the quality and size. Other products are also very excellent in this aspect, each has respective settings interface. The output quality values by the users, therefore, none of the products will be neglected here.

    Stylish settings (advanced parameters)
    For some primary customers, the simple conversion function can fully meet their requirements, but for those who play music, film fans, the setting options are particularly important. Here, PQDVD sets up 6 tailoring, Xilisoft 4, and Pavtube also provide 5 tailoring, which is of great help for trimming the image. In addition, Pavtube supports playback effects such as brightness, contrast, the volume for voice and the thumbnail. Cucusoft supports the brightness filter (you don
  • Jazz...

    Is this an advertisement?? If not, (which i hope) and you were doing some actual testing, this should have gone into the general discussion not the Playstation discussion.
  • Moving the thread is an easy fix, Nec. ;) Myself, i don't see this as an advertisement for himself- he actually did do this comparison to help others decide what may work best for them if wanting to do a bit of video converting.

    I will say to just do this with the DVDs you own, however- after all, we don't want to hear abouty any piracy activity here. B)
  • DVDFab does an excellent job at converting DVD's to IPOD (mpeg-4)

    DVD Copy Software from DVDFab | Copy DVD to PSP, DVDR or iPod

    It also gets 5 stars from me for doing back-ups of my movies as well. Its worth checking out and adding to your list Jazz.
  • hey nec,

    i tried the free demo of DVDfab it was quick and easy to rip the movie of the disc but i have die hard 4 copied and saved in my documents how do i play it on itunes or put it onto my ipod?
  • You have to drag and drop the file into the movies section of iTunes. It has to be in MPEG-4 format though.
  • ok thanks allot Nec.
  • Speaking of ipods, my buddy just sold me his and it has like 1700 songs on it. How do I get to where I can add songs from my itunes without it deleting the 1700 songs already on there?
  • I'll do some digging Mike and get back to you later. I know you used to have to hack it because Apple made it so that you have to sync your ipod with a certain computer. You either have to take that ipod to the friends place and use his computer or plug it into yours and sync it with yours. If you sinc it with yours, it will delete/format the ipod and you will have to start from scratch by purchasing songs from itunes or dragging and dropping songs into itunes or import.

    Try this..

    When you first plug your iPod in the computer should say:
    "iPod is already synced with another computer, Would you still like to sync with this one"
    Make sure you click no then go into your ipod summary screen. Once you have done this scroll down and you should see a button saying "Automatically sync" or something similar. Uncheck this box and then you can drag the songs/video's/podcasts etc across to your iPod without the need to delete your other songs.

    Or you could take a memory stick to your friends house and have him put all the songs onto that. You can just import them into your computer so you will still have them after you sync with yours.
  • So I could just put the songs onto a flash drive and transfer them?
  • You could transfer the songs onto a flash drive and then sync/format your ipod with the itunes that is on your computer. After that, just insert the flash drive and import the songs into itunes wich will then put them onto your ipod.