• Now there probably arent a lot of NASCAR fans on this forum. I was just curious about a couple of things. Me, being a Kyle Busch fan (not a bandwaggon thing either), I am wondering peoples opinions about the race two weekends ago when Jr was about to win and Kyle got loose under him and wrecked Jr to take the win. Kyle has taken the title of being the most hated racer in NASCAR from Gordon who held that title for a long time. Anyways, if you were watching that race live in the stands, you would have thought that Kyle wrecked Jr on purpose. At that point, Just about 80% of the crowd who happen to be Jr fans waved thier fist and threw stuff at Kyle as he was passing on the final lap. If you were watching it at home, you would have seen that Kyle's car actually got loose and he slid into Jr with no control. Even Jr said that it was just hard racing and that it wasnt Kyle's fault. In my opinion, Jr would not have a fan base if it wasnt for his father. Sure, he is an average top 10 finisher but he hasnt won a race in 77 races is it now?? This past weekend on Saturday (one week after Kyle supposedly took Jr out), Kyle proved himself once again with another win under his belt. This came even after hitting the wall a few times. One of which he actually rode up the wall a couple of feet AND had a pit penalty. He still came up with the win.

    I await the Jr fans...
  • Sorry mate, I dont follow nascar racing. I used to follow F1 though :)
  • To be honest, Nec, I'm not a big fan of watching cars turning left for several hours non stop. :p
  • Nascar is going to ruin my life for the next two weeks.

    I live within a mile of Lowes Motor Speedway and it sucks during raceweek between the all star race and the coca cola 600. It takes a million years to get anywhere and because of that it kills Redlobster's business so I make no money.