• dear friends,

    have just ordered the ps3 and have the following question

    can the ps3 be used as a dvd/bluray rom when connected to the pc via a usb link

    thanking all in advance
  • Wow. I myself don't have this answer but this has to be one of the best questions from a newcomer in a while. I wouldn't classify it as a "newbie question" as you put it because I'm sure that there are a lot of us "veterans" of the PS3 that need to do some digging for this answer. You definitly have my curiosity peaked. If I understand your question correctly though, you want to transfer dvd/bd files from your pc to PS3?



    I did some searching and it seems the only way to connect to your pc without the use of removeable media is to use a program that makes your PC a server so the PS3 will recognize the files on the pc. See the link below for an idea of what I am talking about.

    PreGameLobby - Transfer files freely between PC & PS3
  • Not quite what he was asking for, i think, Nec. I believe he was wondering about attaching the PS3 to his computer via USB to play DVDs and Blu-Ray movies on that screen.

    The short answer is no- the PS3 will not output video to another source via USB. You would need to connect via a TV tuner card oravideo card with tv capabilities such as the Radeon all-in-one.
  • See, I thought that! But almost all PC's are capable of playing DVD's these days. HAHAA...sometimes me thinking out of the box doesnt help much. Thanks for the correction.
  • Nec, he was trying to find a way to play BD/DVD's from his PS3 through to his PC and his PC monitor i guess.
  • No he doesn't, really- the majority of computers these days come with a DVD drive by default so he wouldn't need to hook up the PS3 to it to play those. Blu-Ray is another story, though- the drives for those on PCs are still mucho expensive. Hence, the poster's question about hooking up to the computer.
  • Rob,

    Yes, I do need some simple terms now. The way you just worded it, you are saying that he wants to watch DVD's and BD on his HDTV? (which the PS3 already does)

    Or does he want to use his PC to play the movies and bypass the Ps3?

    Or does he want to play/transfer DVD/blu ray files that are on his PC to the PS3 to watch on his HDTV?

    I'm not trying to be difficult here. Its just that your comment confused me a bit.
  • Nec, he asked about hooking up his PS3 to his computer via USB to watch Blu-Ray/ DVD movies on the computer screen (which will not work at all). Like I mentioned above, the only way to get a hookup to the PC to work would be if he has a TV Tuner card in the computer.
  • No, thats what i'm confused about Nec, i was thinking he was trying to use the PC to play the DVD's and/or BD and bypassing it through the PS3 to play on a HDTV. That's why he could just link his PC to his TV or even easier still just use his PS3 if its disks he is using.

    I don't think he wants to transfer any dvd or blu-ray files to the PS3. That sounds too me like Piracy anyway. It will all become clear when he returns, don't worry...;)
  • He used the word "ROMS" which translated to "files" in my mind. Just my way of thinking. Its all good. Thanks for clearing it up guys.

  • By "ROM" he meant it as "read only media" or a disc drive for the computer. Again, won't work.
  • Yeah i understand now. He wants to play DVD's or Blu-Rays from his PS3 through his PC onto his PC Monitor. Lyn's right, read his posts faiz...;) (Got a little confused:rolleyes:)
  • sorry for the late reply been caught up in work

    the reason why i asked this question is that i have a huge collection of original movies and i am planning to put it all in a TVIX multi media player as over the years they get scratched and also prefer to have 1 storage that will contain all my entertainment media, since bluray is the new hi-def and i would be buying blu ray movies

    hence the question rather than investing in another blu ray rom if the ps3 would serve the purpose

    thank you all for your replies

    p.s : below is what i read which got me thinking

    Will Blu-ray support mandatory managed copy?

    Yes, mandatory managed copy (MMC) will be part of the Blu-ray format. This feature will enable consumers to make legal copies of their Blu-ray movies that can be transferred over a home network. Please note that "mandatory" refers to the movies having to offer this capability, while it will be up to each hardware manufacturer to decide if they want to support this feature.
  • I could not find any information about any of the players which said whether or not they supported MMC or not (not included in the list of specs). But, i would guess that the PS3 is more than likely to support the feature. It is always kept up-to date with the latest BD-version (via firmware), so it will always be one of the most advanced BD-Rom's on the market, and it is after all the flagship of the Blu-Ray operation so yes i would say the PS3 will serve your purpose. Only way to know for sure is to try it out...;)