• i:m having a problem with my psp......i just noticed it yesterday......
    every time i play a song until the end it turns into a corrupted data file.....
  • Where did you get these songs? They may themself be corrupted and dodgy, i can't see it being a problem with the PSP.
  • Unless there is a problem with the memory stick.
  • Maybe, but i would think it's more the data on there instead of the actual memory card.
  • I would say it is the memory stick that is the problem. I would try a new one and see if that helps any.
  • Are you having problems with any other data on your memory card though? If it's just the songs (not gamesaves or trailers) then it must be the songs surely? But yeah, i would try a new memory stick and see if that helps.
  • Formatting the system, may fix the problem, i've just found out. But this may not be a suitable option for you, unless of course you can back up all of your saved data on the memory stick onto another and then transfer it back over after you've formatted it.....?