what should i buy?
  • hello there..ummm..what should i buy?ps3 or xbox360?

    will at the end of the month i will buy a psp that is a gift from my dad to me

    xbox 360:someone i know was had xbox360 and it was wrecked becuse it had a cd with a little something on it.

    please nedd hilp im confused hilp now!!

  • This one, you are going to get some biased answers to (we are called Absolute PlayStation, after all ;) ).

    All i can suggest is look at the exclusive games that are on each system and go for the one that has more of the ones you like- there is no "right for all" answer.

    However, a few things to keep in mind- the PS3's online play is free while with the 360 you pay about $50 a year. Want to connect wirelessly online? The PS3 has that built in while the 360 has you buying an adapter for another $100. Movies? The PS3 plays both DVDs and Blu-Ray out of the box. The 360 will play DVDs but chose the wrong side of the high- def movie format war- you can find HD-DVD drives on discount for the 360 now that the format has been discontinued.
  • i own ps3 brother owns 360 and i my self uased to own 360 ive now got a ps3 all sed.
  • allright thanks for you two so it is true that the ps3 is better than the xbox 360 will OK at the end of the year (when the school ends)ill buy it.
  • without a doubt you have to buy a PS3,the controler on the 360 put me off straight away plus ive allways been a fan off the playstations so i wouldnt buy anything else.
  • Definitely PS3!

    360 = too many problems.

    I agree that the 360 controller just doesn't feel right. I know there is a way to use the 360 controllers on the PS3 but not sure about the other way around.

  • all right thanks to all of you
  • but now i have to choose between the psp and ps3 there for help me in this one ok?
  • Of the two i would honestly say go for the PS3 first. It's really up to your own gaming tastes, though- look at the games for both and decide for yourself.
  • It depends on what ur looking for, if you like 3d person games and rpgs deffinatly go for the ps3, but if you like first person shoters more than anything the 360 controller works a bit more naturally. It also depends on what your friends have. I have a ps3 and play it online, and theres always a lot of cool people online, but theres many times i wish i had a 360 because very few people i know in real life have a ps3 but lots have 360s.
  • my dad works in a place called(Gen-computer)you know a place sells computers and ps’s...etc yeah in friday i was gonna get it but it was solled and now i have to wait for it (again..!)but on sunday i expect it well arrive
  • wish me luck guy to find that the PS3 well arrive today or tomorrow
  • ok guys ive decided im choosing the PS3
  • umm...guys?my dad said that the PS3 wount arrive untill two weeks i cant wait that long so i tooked the psp and the ps3 will be the next month