a little bit noisey
  • Has any body got any solutions of how to make the PS3 run a bit quiter?
    ive heard that if you put a fan on the back may do the trick but that it could also make it over heat,i have got a dust cover over the vents so i dont no if thats why it's so noisy.
    Its a bit of a pain to watch dvds on it when it is makeing so much noise,any advice would be greatly appreciated ;)
  • A dust cover...over the vents... while it's running? :eek:

    That is definitely why it is louder- you are making the fan work harder because the vents are blocked off! Good way to overheat your system and kill it. As for those attachable fans, they do about as much good as the dust cover- don't waste your money on them.

    The system is perfectly quiet sitting on its own with nothing over it- just try to keep it in an open area so air can circulate. If you think the fan may be a bit louder than normal you may want to try using the vacuum hose on the vents- maybe there is dust trapped inside.
  • Thank god for lyndon.............silence is golden.
    ive taken the dust covers off and thats worked a treat,now do you no a way of makeing my wife a bit quiter while im playing COD4 :D
  • Some would maybe suggest duct tape as a solution there- me, i think you need to do something a bit extra for her to make up for the "me" time in CoD. ;)
  • Hey steel just be happy its not like the 360 that thing
    is loud loud. I havent noticed too much noise out of my PS3
    but what is the vacuum hose idea all about? and does
    anyone clean the back of their PS3 regularly, seems kinda
    of hard to get the dust out...and I dont like the canned air
    pushin it in.
  • Ive not got round to sticking the hoover to the back of mine yet but now Ive taken the
  • Yeah, those aftermarket fans don't do any good at all. I know that Microsoft started placing blame of the overheating issues of the 360 toward them so I never purchased one for the PS3. It might look like a cool gadget to have but it just doesn't do the job. I'm sure there is a way to wire a PC fan or two inside of the PS3 case. Do not do this unless you know what you are doing. It will also void your warranty. Hmmm....somthing I might just try in the future if I get around to it.