about ace combat4 & heatseeker
  • hi...um..uh..what should i buy i will give you to things to choose between
    them..here it is:

    1-ace combat 4


    please im confused give the what you choose & tell me what should i buy

  • Seems like you double posted this thread N.O.B. Don't worry it's all sorted now.;)

    Ermm, myself i would have to go with Ace Combat 4, fact is i've never played heatseeker, so i can't recommend it really...;)
  • Heatseeker was somewhat average as jet fighter games go- you would be much more satisfied with Ace Combat 4.
  • thanks you two ace combat 4 right?
    tomorrow i will buy it

  • Yep, it's a thumbs up for Ace Combat 4 N.O.B....;)
  • ace combat for p-laystation 2 kick ass all of them f%ck heet seeker trust me ace combat is easily the best.
  • uo..right..ummmm.thanks any way

  • ops...i couldnt find a copy of ace combat 4 so i bought heat seeker
    sorry you guys for not to take your advise.