ask about the squads...
  • hi..ummmm..i wanna ask about the squads..

    Q1-what is the god squad?

    Q1-what is the buddy squad?

    Q1-what is the site squad?

    Q1-how can i be in one of the squads?

    i want answers..

  • The squads are the staff members of the site. "God Squad" refers to the administrators of the site (myself being one of them). The Buddy Squad are the moderators, meant to help new members with questions they may have about the forums and generally ease them in to hopefully be regularly-posting members. The Site Squad are the ones that contribute material to the main site (reviews, previews, etc.) and handle other myriad duties like approving submitted cheats and reader reviews.

    As to the "how to get on one", if we feel the need for new staff members at some point we take a look at the members and decide who may be best suited for the job judging by their activity/ behavior on the forums and ask them to join us. For the time being, we are not looking to add new staff right now.
  • allright thanks anyway for the answer but i dont get it you was so mad when
    i tolled you about the other site i hate anyone talk to me like that and does
    anyone can chat with me in the live chat?
  • I wasn't mad- i thought the winking emoticon would have been enough of a hint about that. ;) Just a gentle reminder is all.
  • Yeah a winking emoticon usually does the trick..:laugh: Still, some people do still get the wrong idea sometimes...:rolleyes:
  • ok if what is look like sorry if i was...