Happy Birthday Nec..!
  • Just took a quick look at the birthday's for today. See you've just turned 35 Nec....;)

    Congratulations mate, hope you've had a good day and hope you've got everything you wanted from Mr (or Mrs...;)) Birthday. Well again, Happy Birthday Nec....!:D
  • Happy B-day Nec!! I hope the wife suprises you with some goodies today!!
  • Thanks, I appreciate it.

    I opened my eyes this morning and go, "If I live to be 70, my life is now half over." hahaha...good way of looking at it huh?

    Of course, I'm stuck here at work and time is running sloooooowwww. Its a beautiful 80 outside. Co-workers surprised me with a cake and made this man blush. Yes.....I said that correctly. Made this man blush from singing that awful birthday song.

    My wife keeps sending me some ....umm....nice visual emails. lol She loves me.

    Although I'm not a big fan of these b-day things, its a good day. It's gonna be a loooooooong weekend!!

    Thanks again,

  • Nec said:
    My wife keeps sending me some ....umm....nice visual emails. lol She loves me.

    In my neck of the woods they call those "artistic".;)

    Happy birthday Nec! Hope you have a good one!:)
  • Thanks Mel.

    Artistic...I like that. you gotta remember, this is Jersey where nothing is sugar coated.

    One of these days i'll get to your neck of the woods waaaaaaaay over there so I can swing among the redwoods. ;)