Becoming specific
  • As some of you long time members know, I collect many games and consoles. As of late I have noticed a trend. Instead of buying anything that perks my interest, I have been VERY selective in the game I buy.

    This is not a fiscal issue, as a matter of fact finances are better than ever. It just seems with the family and work that time devoted to trype is just not warranted.

    I have quit purchasing games that will eventually end up in the used games bin due to lack of interest or flat out being garbage. Most of my latest games will be in my collection for years if not forever.

    I was making this thread to wonder if any of you are doing the same thing.

    PS. I do realize renting is an option but I have a hard time returning things on time.
  • I would rent games if I was confident that they had good games. My Blockbuster has practically nothing good/worth playing on the gaming front. They have tons of PS2 games...but none are any good.

    And I am very picky about pretty much anything I have to buy. I think the last game I bought was Lego Star Wars...and that was after picking it up and deciding not to buy it after all at least three times before. It's not as bad as books though. I'm much worse with books.

    I have a couple "loser games" on my shelf, but it's okay because I at least feel like I have a large selection...and some of them are perfect for moments when I'm angry/upset/sick.:)
  • yeh i do the same mate just get long lasting high quality games i occasionally still play my master system , snes and download classics from psn.
  • Collecting games. Sounds familiar. Well, I live in an area where games dont exist. I have to go into the big city to buy them. There is no renting of games or videos. Most of the games I have I will keep. If I buy it and dont like it I give it to people who might take it. My collection is very small. I have an older snes and ps1 console and probably wont get rid off. I still play the ps1 and I dont play the snes anymore. Now, if I can squeeze the ps3 into my buget, I can really call it high tech. he he he julie
  • I am the same way, I don't buy many new games these days. I am perfectly content with the old ones that I have. Thats why I love final fantasies, I can play them countless times and they never get boring, even though I know what is going to happen.
  • Ive spent a lot of money on games that just end up sitting there gathering dust because there either crap or I'm just so into a certain game that i just don't bother playing anything else,i have rented and then thought i will buy that but then i think well Ive payed something like £5 to rent it and then to go out and buy it at £40 the cost soon mounts up.
    the price you get for the games if you trade them in is just ridiculuos so it just seems better to keep them.
  • Whole heartedly agree with this!!! We too have seen our purchasing dwindle somewhat! We just dont have the time to game as often as we would like anymore.

    I remember the collecting days of old. Tiff has loads of old games in a box but since we moved they are still in a box which is sad :(
  • i'm definitely on the picky side when it comes to games to buy- only so much time/ money to go around for these things so one has to choose wisely.
  • What happened to the good old days where you could easy spend 12 hour sittings on a game - Growing old and being responsible sucks!!