• how do i play my ipod on my ps3
  • Actually, you can't. However, you can copy the music over onto the PS3's hard drive.

    Connect the iPod via the USB cable, and then highlight USB device and the music menu. Post the triangle button and choose Display All. Any files that can be played by the PS3 will be seen- pick the songs you want to copy and use the same method as you do to display the files ( highlight and hit triangle and select copy from the menu).
  • I just found this out last night and was hoping to be the first to post about it. ( Tip: ALWAYS USE THE SEARCH BUTTON FIRST)hahaha. Anyways, this does not work for the itouch or the iphone as of yet due to the memory being in a different format. Luckily, I still have my old 30 gig ipod which worked like a charm. It takes about 20 minutes per 400 songs. I'm not sure about regular mp3 players though. This also works for video (mpeg-4) as well if you have an ipod that plays video.