It keeps disconecting all the time...
  • My ps3 connects quick and is like 20 minutes working but suddenly it disconnect and says "an error has ocurred"

    my ps3 signal stenght is 75% and it been times i got 100% but it keeps disconnecting, I DID CHANGE THE IP ADDRESS BUT STILL DONT WORK. My router is a Belkin_N1_Wireless_91DCE1


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  • The problem may be the signal drop- the wifi card in the PS3 can be a bit flaky at times. How much distance is there between the PS3 and the router? Do you have any other wireless devices nearby like cordless phones?
  • no, but sometimes i move to my dads room and i get 100% signal i dont know why i was thinking in a future do a bridge connection there like 20 feet beetween. Does Belkin is a good router? please help me repairing this:rolleyes:
  • To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Belkin's routers- my personal preference is the D-Link brand as they name the sections of the set up as it should be and is very straightforward to change anything.

    The router itself may be part of the problem due to the fact that it is a wireless N. Despite the claims of being backward compatible with 802.11 G and B, current N routers are still using draft- level specs - the "powers that be" that decide these things haven't finalized as to how it should work. I would suggest buying a D-Link DI-624 router for your networking needs.

    Once it is set up you will possibly still have some signal drop depending on the distance between the router and the PS3. If your router and PS3 are a good distance apart you may also want to consider putting a range extender in a spot between the two- itwill act as a relay and give the wi fi signal more range throughout the house.
  • i would take that thanks but there is any other thing i can do you need more details or something i just need this to work:mad: :o
  • If replacing the router is not an option then I would still suggest finding a range extender that works with your model of router (no doubt Belkin makes them as well). The disconnect problems would be from the signal droppage.
  • Thanks Lyndon i would try that:D
  • If you can get a cable running from the router to the ps3 it is soooo much better...

    Wireless is so unreliable i find.