What Is Your Favorite Video Game
  • My favorite is Harvest Moon back to nature because of the graphics The characters, and the story line B)
  • Grand Theft Auto Vice City right now... :)
  • If we're talking of all time then i would have to say that Chrono Trigger is my favorite. If we're talking about for the PS2 then probably Kingdom Hearts. A couple other of my favorites of all time that are sorta like honorable mentions would be Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, and Xenogears. And a couple games coming soon that will make my list are Devil May Cry 2, The Getaway, Xenosaga: Episode 1, Chrono Break(don't know when), and Unlimited SaGa. If you can't tell from this, i don't really have one favorite game of all time. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Asking what my favorite game is is hard for me to decide. I would say that Final Fantasy VII is my favorite game of all time.(hence my name...Red) Although, this may change once I actually end up beating the battles I am unable to battle in all three of my games here.

    What are the odds of that

    <_< </font>
  • This is a hard one i guess, for the PS2 i have to say Onimusha (to bad it wasnt that long) i havent played the sequal that much so i cant say, for PC if thats count in here it must be Unreal Tournament (UT2k3 sucks bigtime in comparison to the old one) and for PS i have to say MetalGear...
  • My fav game is FF7 or smackdown 4. I luv those games!
  • Ohhhhh the horror, this question has arrisen again! NO! I will not choose just one game! Well, if forced to pick, I'd have to name a few. Xenogears, Vagrent Story, Persona, Baulders Gate Dark Alliance(had tons of fun with this with my friends so it's now a top pick of mine), Shadow Hearts, FFVII, Armored Core: Master of the Arena(another great game to play with friends), Dance Dance Revolution, and Vanguard Bandits.

    WOW! Didn't realize how many fav. games I had. Well sorry about that,

    I'll cya all later,
  • right now my favorite game is stuntman I got tried of gta3,But when i get vice city that will be my favorite game
  • Right now its GTA: Vice City but before that it was GTA3 followed by SSX Trickey then SSX Snowboard and the tombraider series ;)

  • My current faves are GTA Vice City and Hitman 2. My all time faves? oooooooh thats a hard one, probably GTA Vice City, Legend of Zelda series, Deus Ex (cos it has one of THE best storylines EVER!)and it plays great too, Final fantasy series and finally the old classic Elite 2: Frontier which i had a while back on Amiga. Why hasnt any software houses picked up the rights to remake ELITE? On todays machines it would be superb.
  • legend of dragoon is the best 4 disck game in da universe B) :D B)
  • Since I never can afford to buy any new games I keep playing them until I wish to see them no more. There are two games that made it longer than any other.
    Tetris and Pac-man. :lol:
    Therefor thay have now officialy been knighted : favorites!
  • My #1 favorite for PlayStation is Final Fantasy VII, PC is WarCraft III, and PS2 is Twisted Metal Black.
  • my current favorite PS2 game has, i think, a very limited appeal ...

    Robot Alchemic Drive (RAD)

    i would like to add that i don't think this is the "best" game by any means -- oddly, i never seem interested in the best games (like FFwhatever) -- and i've watched people try to play it and fly into a frustrated rage at the controls, and the story is slightly repetative, and kinda short.

    but when i just want some gaming fun, i'll pop in RAD and knock 120 foot aliens into skyscrapers

    on the other hand, the game that gets played most at my place is probably ATV Offroad Fury, 'cause my friends are hooked (note -- rented ATV2, didn't like it as much)
  • Heya, well right now Dragonball Z: Budokai is my fav game coz i'm a big DBZ fan but other than that i would have to say Metal Gear Solid 2 is the best and once Substance comes out i'm sure that will be my favourite. Other great games are Devil May Cry ,Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance and Spiderman: The Movie.
  • Hmm tough questions, tough questions. Well my current PS1 fav is FFVI (got a loan from a pal and I'm trying to do what they failed to do. I.e complete it.), PC, has to be RA2 Yuri's Revenge.
  • Right now my favorite is Hot Shots Golf 3. Of course, that will change as soon as I get a new favorite, but for now it is. If nothing else, I am a fickle gamer. :P

    ps. Woohoo! halfway to 5K!
  • Operation Flashpoint on the PC (coming out on Xbox soon). I still can't get
    over the sheer brilliance of this game, I love every thing about it, the story
    line is great, the game play is magnificant & the graphics are superb and
    I love the fact that you can jump into every single vehicle (air & ground, as
    long they're not locked) and the way you can hear the sonic booms & the
    thuds as bullets tear through your comrade and then hearing the
    distant gunfire of the weapon weapon which took him down.

    I love it, I love it, I love it, I lo..ooh, I think I just had a fragasm.
  • My favorite game of all time is FF7 and Harvest moon Back to nature.
    I also like Dungeon Siege for PC.
  • My top three for ps1 follows

    1:Final Fantasy 9
    2:King of fighters 2000
    3:wwf smackdown!2

    My top three for ps2 follows

    1:Final fantasy 10
    2:Timesplitters 2
    3:Pro evolution soccer 2

  • Originally posted by wiseguy_mikki@Nov 28 2002, 12:53 AM
    My current faves are GTA Vice City and Hitman 2. My all time faves? oooooooh thats a hard one, probably GTA Vice City, Legend of Zelda series, Deus Ex (cos it has one of THE best storylines EVER!)and it plays great too, Final fantasy series and finally the old classic Elite 2: Frontier which i had a while back on Amiga. Why hasnt any software houses picked up the rights to remake ELITE? On todays machines it would be superb.

    Ah Elite (the original, and frontier 2)- the absolute best game ever. I remember staying up all night for a week to reach elite status (back in the 80s). Even with the original's wire-frame graphics it was so superior in gameplay to anything out there at the moment that I totally agree with the re-make. I think Konami have the rights now. <_<
  • #1: street fighter (series)
    #2: zelda (series)
    #3: super mario (series)

    I can't pick just one from any of them. :lol:
  • I have to say Tomb Raider. That's the game that swayed me from my Super NES to the Playststion. I haven't gone back Sony above all!! If it wasn't for Lara I would've never met you fine folks. :D
  • Tough question. Lets see...


    PS2 - GTA: Vice City, and SOCOM (real tough so there tiied)

    PC - Neverwinter Nights
  • My favorite one is Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation for ps1. :rolleyes:
  • Right now Ratchet and Clank,but I do like Tony Hawk and hot shots golf.
  • gta vc all the way :)
  • GTA Vice City without a doubt
  • That's a good question. I would have to say onr of my favorites is Soul Blade for the PSone. I'm not sure why, but I just love that game. I can play it over and over again. :D
  • Well, I have a few new favorite games. 1.Harvest Moon Back to Nature. 2. Grand Theft Auto Vice City. 3. Grand Theft Auto 3. 4. Metal Gear Solid. 5. Metal Gear Solid 2. 6. All of the Syphon Filters(1,2 & 3)
  • Hmmm...i'd have to say that my favorite games are Final Fantasy VII and X, .hack//INFECTION, SPY HUNTER, Chrono Cross, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy Tactics, and the Gundam Series. ^_^
  • Tonygillis you know my favorite game is Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland. Oh, and maybe the Sims.[B][B] B)
  • mine is GTA Vice City for ps2 for computer it is Fallout 2 I think that the good people at SS should make fallout for ps2 That game would kick butt
  • Sod making Fallout for ps2, they should hurry up & make Fallout 3 for PC.
    Have you tried creating a character with really low intelligence Chopper? It's alot more difficult but its as funny as hell.
  • an old game for ps1 armored core master of arena . The teckno is perfect for a mecha game
  • My favourite video game would have to be a mix up between devil may cry and final fantasyVII because I got a boost out of playing both of them and there both equally amazing.
  • Anything from Legacy of Kain series... They all had terrible gameplay and graphics, but the story is so intriguing to me. Specially when my favourite character of all time, Raziel, sucked in his first soul.
  • My favourite game, well, at the moment. It would have to be Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, on the X-Box. Great game, one of the reasons I bought an X-Box. But its a close run, between them, I also love Ghost Recon, GTA: VC and GTA 3, Devil May Cry, MGS2 and also FF8.
  • I dont have one fav. game, not by far, but ill name a few. from several consoles

    Playstation 1&2
    FF7, FF10, Kingdom Hearts, FFTactics, Crono Trigger, Crono Cross, Xenogears, Xenosaga Episode 1, .hack//infection, Darkcloud 2, Metal Gear Solid2:sons of Liberty, SoulBlade, SoulCaliber, Tekken3. TekkenTagTournment, GTA3, GTA:Vice city, Tenchu:Stealth Assasins. Im shure ill think of some more later.

    Halo (not that many good games on this console)

    Supper smash bro's Melee
    Super Mario SunShine
    Metriod Prime

    im shure ill think of more
  • Well this is a hard one... I have lots of fav. games. Mainly any Horrer survival gamed like Resident Evel. But that isn't on the PS any more
    so I turned to a knew game...Silent Hill 2! :lol: I also like RPG's. Mainly FFVII! I like .Hack//infection too. but with my bad luck it is either out of stock or I don't have the money for it!GRRRRRR :angry:

    See ya later :ph34r:
  • :ph34r: Well way back in November I was playing GTA: Vice City, but I just got "The Getaway" last week and I like it! and thats my favorite this month! ;)

  • Well, I have had many favoritest games in the past from NBA Live! 95 (c'uz I used to play it with my bro and we would make fun of Rodman and crew) all the way up to my current fav hack//INFECTION! I am about to start Xenosaga and/or Suikoden III so that may change in the near future, and come May it might change to hack//MUTATION!

    N E ways for now my current is the .hack line!

  • I'd hav to say that "Sims" is my favorite game! I don't know why, but, I just kinda' like it.[I]
  • My favorite game would have to be DragonballZ: Final Bout.
    Yep, yep! ^_^ That is a fun game!
  • i would have to say well the game that i keep going back to is .hack//infection i guess that would be my favorite game. B)
  • residentevil
  • My favourite ever PS2 game has to be SSX Tricky. I never get bored with it, it doesn't annoy me and it's one of the few games that I'm any good at! :P

    My favourite PC game is Grim Fandango. It's the first PC game I ever bought and I love it - so funny and a brilliant story.
  • For PS1 it has to be FF7. Definately the best in the series. Ps2 would be Red Faction 2. PC is C&C Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge.
  • The best game Ive played is medal of honer frontline. Its really good game play and has good graphics. The cheat are really good :woot:. Some are fun cheats and some are to help you through the game.

    :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • For me its splinter cell at the moment! :2cool:

    But its also vice city and tenchu 3 :fight:
    So mine changes nearly every month!
    whenever i buy a new game.
  • We're still stuck in the PS1 era in my household but having been a gamer for a long ,long time that's OK because it's light years ahead of what we used to plunk quarters into back in the old days . The first video game I remember playing was like Asteroids without the asteroids . You had a rocket with left , right and thrust controls and the flying saucer was on the screen the whole time sans obstacles .This was back in the early 70's . We even used to have to pay to play Pong . To pick a favorite you have to look at the most played in your collection and with about 30 odd discs I still seem to always gravitate towards Civilization II , despite the maddening AI response times .

    It has to be the sims or splinter cell at the moment.
    I rented the sims and loved it but i didnt get to do all the stuff, so i'm geting it tomorow! :woot:


    :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • Current favs: SD: SYM, Pride FC, King of Colosseum (red and green discs on my newly purchased Japanese PS2)

    Notice a pattern :fight: :flex:
  • My favorite game of all time would hafta be Dragon Warrior 4 or Breath of fire 2. :peace:
  • Yeah...I'd have to say that picking an all time fav for a video game is a hard one fer me. LOL! I'm rather partial to Vagrant Story. And Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is more than mildly addicting. But, I'd have to say that my all time favorite game is Chrono Cross. Yeah, yeah...Crono Trigger is good stuff. But, i mean..man...Where else are you going to see some dude all gussied up in spandex and make up and mannage to make it look cool! LOL! Nikki is just good stuff.

    I know...not the best reason to make a game my favorite. But, that's not the only reason I love Crono Cross. It just happens to be a game that I can go back to time and time again and not get bored...or feel dissapointed the sixteenth time through. (*Cough cough* FFIV *Cough cough*)
  • my fave game is resident evil 4 & resident evil 5
    but mostly resident evil 5

  • all of the gta seris and all of the ratchet and clanks:D
  • Nice to see a fellow Ratchet and Clank fan....:D And GTA of course.:)
  • red alert series or early rainbowsix
  • Of all time?? If so, then definitly Super Mario Brothers.

    Online game? Would have to be the SOCOM series for me.

    Of the ones that i'm playing at the moment? COD4
  • Origanl super smash brothers, no question
  • Or actually, maybe avp2 also, it was first game i ever played online and have a lot of good memories of it.

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