Where is all the MGS4 buzz???
  • MGS4 has been out for a couple days now and I dont think one post has been made here since its release. I picked up my copy last night at Blockbuster. I was going to rent it first but they didnt have any so I just purchased a copy. I go up to the counter and what to they have staring at the customers?? MGS4 guides. So of course I picked one of those up but wont open it until I have to. I get home and decide to play COD4 for an hour. I get that out of the way and pop in my spank'n new MGS4. I found it odd that you had to install part of the game. Anyways, I was pretty impressed with the opening sequences. Part of which you have to play. I think it was like a half an hour or so till the actual title came up. I didnt play that long due to people showing up. The controls are sketchy to me due to being used to COD4 but i'm sure that will change with some game time. I look forward to getting itno it. So did anyone else pick it up yet?

  • maybe people are too busy playing it to bother posting about it? ;)
  • Maybe people didnt buy it because the gameplay is more or less most likely the same. (stealth stressed but still able to shoot everyone and when) and no one really under stands the story because they didnt play mgs on plastation.
  • Gladius, Kojima put that many twists in there even those that played the previous games didn't understand half of it. :p

    I know I most likely will not be playing it- I don't normally buy into the hype given to some games. Heck, i haven't even played any of the GTA games until IV came out and what bit I did play left me a tad underwhelmed. Just not my preferred type of game.
  • I still have yet to get a copy. I am just as hyped up about it as most other PlayStation owners but i'm running low on cash till the end of the month, or in this case end of the week (finding the cash from somewhere...;)).

    There is plenty of buzz for the game Nec. Sony has put into place a huge marketing drive for the game (especially over on your side of the pond), and just about everyone is talking about it on various game sites. At around 3 AM on launch day, i must have had around 15-20 messages telling me how great it is, so i can see the buzz is definitely there.;) If you need more evidence it has topped the worldwide PS3 game sales charts, knocking GTA off it's perch. Konami and Kojima must be very happy with it's release...;)
  • i beat it.

    its effin awesome!

    and its pretty difficult at times.

    i love it tho.

    its like watching a movie.

    the end basically is a movie. about 30 minutes long.

    its great tho.
  • I am waiting for mine to be delivered. I was not much into the GTA game but MSG is (imo) a master piece (gamewise speaking of course).

    I enojoyed all of the installements.