API Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds/ Everybody's Golf: World Tour Tourney Sept. 10/ 08
  • Thought it would be an idea to try to get a small tourney going on Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds/ Everybody's Golf: World Tour. First, however, I'd like to know for sure there would be enough interest in this.

    So, if you would be interested in doing this just post it here. I'll check back with this after a week or so (allowing for enough time for all to see this) and once i see how many would be willing, start figuring out the particulars (course, holes, format, etc.) To help with that, let me know how many courses/ characters you have unlocked currently when posting- this way I'll be sure to use something everyone has.

    Myself, I have all courses and characters unlocked (although a number of them are low on loyalty ATM- finished the challenge mode some time back).
  • this game is brilliant ive got three courses and about quater of the characters trust me when i say everybody needs this game.
    lets get some names down lads and lasses.
  • I would love to participate, but timing would be tough except for weekends. Some of us are seperated by the "pond". Ergo time zones. I have it roughly 75% open so far.
  • weekends are cool me and lyndon have played a couple of sundays im sure we can sort something out.
  • Just as an FYI, if there is enough interest (so far looking not too bad for a 4 player Stroke match) it will be on a Sunday as most would not be working that day. In all likelihood the time for it would be somewhere in the early -mid afternoon US Eastern/ early evening UK time.

    Once i have a better idea as to who's willing I'll see what my own work schedule is like (not sure yet how the new job will work out on that end) I'll get the details posted.
  • Hmm..35 views and only three people saying they are interested? Somewhat disappointing, to be honest. Surely we have more golf players than that on the site. :confused:
  • im sure i remember several people who where adament they where going to get this game a few months ago.- GUTTED
  • Ah well, it will still be a go. Should be able to get Jim into this as well to make it the foursome and have a couple of rounds of stroke play. Either of you buy the new course (Oceania Resort)? It's quite the challenge and would make a good "final round" course.
  • not as yet mate still only got europ , highlands and the other one. ill purchase it soon ive got them chareacters though the russian one cracks me up. is the new map good?
  • It is definitely a challenge- Oceania is the hardest of the (now 7) courses available. Usually pretty windy on the course and the greens have some nasty slopes to them. Still, if you want to get the loyalty boosted this may be the best course to do it with.
  • cool didnt know mr bean was showed across the pond, gettin me mates in to egwt so hopefully a few more will join the club. Hopefully the rest of forum will wake up and get golfin.
  • Get those friends of yours onto the site as well, Sam- after all, this is meant for the members here. ;)
  • i, no worries im settin up me mates (Bush) internet for ps3 sometime soon so i'll get him blagged and a few others.
  • For the moment the date for this fun tourney will be July 27 starting at 7 PM UK/ 2 PM eastern/ 11 AM Pacific. This time is just tentative for the moment as, depending on my own work schedule, I may need to work on that Sunday. I'll know for sure within the next week as the shift schedules get updated

    So, anyone that is interested and is able to be around during that time frame, please put your name here along with your PSN ID. The tourney format (stroke play or new real) will depend on how many people sign up.
  • Well over 100 views and not one person officially signing up. :( Due to an apparent lack of interest I am going to postpone the tourney- I will give this another try at a later date.
  • How many players you need to start one?
  • I was going to go for at least a foursome using the stroke play. For the time being, however, this is being put on hold until I can figure out another date and a way to get more people interested.
  • Ok, I'm going to take another stab at this.

    Anyone that would be interested in joining up for a small tourney in Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds/ Everybody's Golf: World Tour, please reply here with your PSN ID.

    The date will be Sunday, August 24 at 6 PM UK/ 1 PM Eastern/ 10 AM Pacific. This will be Stroke Play if we have 4 or less and New Real format if we have 5 or more. To make sure this is fair to all it will be set to "All Out Battle" which will max out the loyalty of your character. This will be using Novice Characters only as some may not have all characters unlocked as of yet.

    When you do post also let me know how many courses you currently have unlocked. I'll base the decision on which course(s) we will use going by that. The meeting place will be on Floor 2, Lobby 1 approximately 15 minutes before we tee off. Meet up at the reception desk.

    Time to tee it up!
  • ill be there but dont have sydney course ill need to gget some more practice in.
  • Over a week and only 2 of us signed up? :( Oh well- we'll have fun anyway! :p
  • imgonna kick your ass !
  • Two words.... bring it! :p
  • youve still got time to back down and gracefully admit defeat or feal my wrath of destruction and cry like a lttle girl you jabrony.
  • The only "defeat" I'll admit to is how much fun it'll be to kick your behind on the courses, assclown.

    BTW, it's spelled "jabroni"- at least try to get the spelling right when you try to insult someone. :p
  • After all of the blowing smoke up above we wound up having a non-event. :redface:. I'm guessing you got hung up with downloading the updates, Sam?
  • iam so so so sorry my brother started playin me at track and field that lasted till 6:20 i though ok ill just start golfing the update took 1 hour and 10 mins thqats mental ive never had an update thats lastest that long before then i checked your email sorry mate i f&&ked it up however will give you a chance to get some more practice in. sunday - tuseday anytime after 5:30pm till 9 wednesday 5:30 onwords, thursday and friday anytime saturday 6:30 till 10:30 pm.
    these are times when i ca play ive got the update know so no more nonesense im ready for the tourney.
    again full apologies my freind.
    Samuel Pennington.
  • Ok then- how about Tuesday at 6 PM your time?

    Anyone else that wants to join in, feel free- more the merrier!
  • im down for that .
    another thing aswell when my ps3 went pete tong and had to redownload all me classis and that when i tried redeownloading the 2 lasses it says its downloaded but they dont show on me character list like they used to whats the crack?
  • Now that you have done the update their data should be available- try re-downloading them one more time from the store.
  • cool have you got that new geezer yet........ whats he like ?
  • You dare call the Ghost of Sparta a geezer!!?? He is a God!! :laugh:

    Kratos plays pretty well, actually- bit of a low trajectory left-to-right shot and good distance from the start. Bit of a nice touch with his clubs, too- the shaft is a chain, just like the blades he use in the GoW games. Makes it a bit trickier for the percentage shots but the woods are mostly full power shots anyway so no biggie.
  • Either someone has a bad memory or realized he was in for a whoopin'. :laugh: Did you forget about our rematch date there, Sam?
  • i was on at 6 got half way through the europe level where you unlock the guy with sunglassses , my characters where threre straight away my tinternet kept disconin though maybe thats why didnt show me keeps doin it sometimes.
  • got the new guy didnt know it was the gow of war dude, he's powerful beyond beleif but difficult to use i hope they bring in some more wacky characters and maybe levels to match them from their game.
  • I wouldn't be too surprised to see more Sony characters introduced eventually or some other original characters for the game. Myself, i'd like to see some of the characters from the previous games brought back like Mel.

    BTW, I'm off work for the next two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) so if you want to hook up, let's do it! Say, Tuesday at 6 PM UK?
  • Today ? (Just to confirm)
  • Well, today is Tuesday, isn't it? :p
  • im welll behind need to catch up on the game not played my ps in a while trying to sort out building a kit car at the moment .
  • somethings come up mate its gonna have to be thursday or friday is that cool? im gonna be sorting some more stuff out with the car makers.
  • Ok then- looking at my work schedule with the call center Friday will work best for me so let's go with that.
  • cool, hows the job going mate ? you should go for the tech support youd be good at that at our place with tinternet and that.
  • It's going pretty good, actually, but I think I'd pass on getting into the computer tech support there. They do shifts 24/ 7 and I would not care much for doing an overnight shift.

    Anyone else that wants to join us on Friday, feel free to post in and say so- let's make things interesting, shall we? B)
  • Just realized now when I was thinking Friday I was getting my time zone difference reversed- by the time I do get home that day it would be midnight in the UK. Maybe we had best shoot for the following Tuesday at 6 PM UK, which would be 2 PM in my time zone.
  • sounds cool!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hope that means you'll be joining us this coming Tuesday, blue. I'll edit the title to reflect the new start time.
  • Might have to shift thing to Wednesday at 6 PM UK- I'm going to be in the middle of some stuff to get done around home today.
  • cool mate im gonna get some serious practice in after the previous match
  • Well, here it is at 6 PM UK time/ 2 PM my time and you aren't to be found- wazzapwidat? :huh: