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    In moments when I feel particularly strange for some reason writing sonnets is cathartic. Yes, I do write stories, but if I am experiencing a strange episode of emotions I usually am to the point where I can't write anything productive...story-wise. So here I am. Today was a good day apart from one thing that makes me feel sad. My dogs discovered a baby bird today and being beagles lunged for it. I managed to get ahold of it and it was still alive. I placed it up on a wall where its parents sat and hoped for the best.
  • i would of ended its life quickly and put it out of it misery. wise choice on dogs though beagles are ace. my next door neighbours got the versions that are shorter and massive ears there pretty cool.
  • I'm sorry you had to go through that Mel. I know how sensitive you are to animals of any kind. Well written poem.