all time greatest arcade games....?
  • What would you say is the all time greatest arcade game?
    i think i have got to go with DOUBLE DRAGON what a game i sweated blood and tears over this game it was great :D ,theres probably one still knocking about with my palm print on the joystick :)
  • i always prefered streets of rage to double dragon, but mine has to be sega rally to on the actual arcade machine
  • Time Crisis!....:D

    Cant wait for Time Crisis 4 to be released on the PS3...:D
  • should be good bet itl be pricey though
  • I think around £60.00 with the guncon 3?....Not bad....:)
  • better than guitar hero that was plain scandelous
  • Im also a big fan of time crisis and i was quite looking forward to this but the reviews that ive seen have not been all that good so its put me off a little bit,but i can imagine it on my HD TV looking damn fine,it would be one for renting i think if you can rent it with the gun that is :D
  • Good point, will it be rented with the gun?...Well i suppose you'll also be able to use a controller on the game if you wish but thats not the point of it really....:rolleyes:
  • Yeah double Dragon was the muts nuts but so was Golden Axe :cool:
  • Why does this question make me feel like i'm old? Anyways, My faves were Donkey Kong and Pitfall.
  • I remember putting loads of many in Karate Champ, the one with 2 joysticks, that was awesome. It also led to "The Way Of The Exploding Fist" on C64, another all time great!!!!

    I also remember a game, not 100% on name but maybe "Shaolin Road", fantastic game, a little bit like Bruce Lee on C64 but with better graphics.

    There are loads of others, but those 2 sprang immediately to mind.
  • golden axe now that was a game :D altered beast yet another great game.
  • Ikari Warriors was nice too :P and 1942 too
  • My favorite was Black Tiger. The only downfall was it was an arcade game you could actually finish so it became a matter of milking points while watching the timer.