• hey i have a problem with the cd reader actually when i put a new cd it only
    work for a limited time like one day two days or three days or some times when i put it in another ps2 it works normally with out a limited time how can i fix it?

    need help now !
  • The CD reading portion of the PS2 is slowly dying on you. I'm honestly not sure if there is anything that can be done other than contact Sony about it.
  • My PS2 is freezing up on every game. No matter how many times I reset it or what game I play it keeps on doing it! it's been doing it since the start of the year but I've just ignored it until now

    Please help!!!!!
  • You may want to try cleaning the lens (if you are using a slim model) using a q-tip and the very barest bit of rubbing alcohol or even a DVD lens cleaning kit, available at most department stores/ any place selling DVD players. If that doesn't help any then your PS2's laser may be facing the end of its days.