Nightmare with nightmare
  • I'm having trouble killing Nightmare.

    I've half killed him so Trish tellls you exactly who she is. Then nightmare comes back with a little more energy and always seems to kill me. Am I just being unlucky or are there any special tips.

    Please help quickly, cos I've had about 10 attempts and it's starting to get to me mentally.

  • Nightmare the second time is very hard sometimes.
  • first of all as soon as you start to fight him run to the emblem and hit it till it glows.You run around for a while,you can build up devil while you run.the best thing to do is jump up and use air raid when it exposes it core.Or if ya wanna be a little cheater like me.Beat the game in Dante must die mode and you can play as super dante he has infinant Devil.

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  • Isn't spurs talking about the third time you fight nightmare not the second, oh yeah i'm stuck there aswell.
  • You can also use Ifrit's last move (I forget what its called, Inferno or something like that). It's seems to do almost better than Air Raid.
  • Eventhough this question is half dead and i'm sure you've beaten Nightmare on the third time but the easiest way to do it is have 4 Holy waters and then keep the Emblems lit and use the holy waters....The cutscene with Trish will come up and go and make sure that the emblem is still lit and then use what should be your last holy water. If you're out then it shouldn't be too hard to use the Alastor and go into Devil Trigger and slash away....using Air Raid takes longer than just jumping on his back and slashing away. Now i just need to beat Mundus.....and i thought that an Untouchable, 10 Devil Stars, and a Vital Star would do it......but i guess not. Now i'm just working on maxing my life and Devil Trigger Gauge which will take some time just fighting those Frost's in the room before where you fought Nightmare......I must say that i love the music in the room with Mundus when you first go in.....Anyway, i went off on a tangent there....Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Hey guys have any of you been swallowed by him and had to fight the boss inside him? when this happens you may notice a lot of his health goes down.
    when you get him down to red health do the bit with trish then get him down to when he uses his last bit of strength, then if you have a devil star that makes you invincible use it and just slash at him untill he dies heypresto!!! youve done it, now wasn't that easy.