MGS4 BOSS - How to beat Ocelot
  • Guide to Beating the Metal Gear Ray boss in Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots

    How to kill Metal Gear Ray in Metal gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots

    Kill Liquid Snake

    The section of the fight is similar to the fight on top of Rex on the first Metal Gear Solid game
  • Alternative way to beat Liquid Ocelot in MGS4

    In Liquid Ocelot Fight One, Punch him when he is near the edge several times and he will look like he is falling off. As he gets up punch him again to defeat him.

    You now move onto the second stage of the battle with Liquid Ocelot and this time he will go for the big hit. Watch out for it and simply step to one side when it comes, then CQ and grab him.
  • OK so i just beat Ocelot and everything is fresh in my mind. First Phase: hit him to the edge of the ship and make him fall. Every time he gets up use strong ( hold L1 and press R1)punch until he looses his balance and falls again do this repeatedly until you reduce his health enough to go to phase two. Phase two is mainly luck and skill together, but try to dash about but far enough away that when he goes to punch misses. And when he misses combo punch him, try this method until his life gauge reduces far enough you go to phase 3. Phase 3, keep some distance and then go closer and rapidly combo him. After you do back up as to not get hit by his combo, and keep doing this it seems to work well without faltering. Phase 4, get close enough so that you can punch him and keep pressing R1 repeatedly and continously ( well i do as to not have him be able to hit you back)*even press it through the cut scenes of the fight doesn't really matter but just incase i guess. And after that there you have it you finally beat Big Boss. It is hard and trust me I know I've probably used like 150 continues on him , but hey i perfected a method that now works every time.
    Have fun Gaming.