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  • Hi, I've just bought this game. On the first level I saw this statue and the 'hint' thingy said you need a 'thuggee' character to activate the statue, and I still don't know what a 'thuggee' character is or how to unlock one..

    Can anyone help me please??

  • The Thuggees are characters from the second movie, "Temple of Doom". You can unlock the Thuggee by writing this code on the blackboard in the Math classroom at the college: VM683E. Once you have Free Play mode unlocked you can come back here, switch to the Thuggee character, and activate the statue. At a guess, you will be getting studs for this.
  • Thanks!
    i forgot to ask, how do you defeat the boss on battle on the bridge?
    I've tried everything!
    can you please help me!
  • Up to the end of Temple of Doom already? Must be spending a good bit of time on this.

    After taking out the guys he sends after you Mola Ram will come after you himself. Hit him a few times to knock a heart off his meter. he'll send more henchmen after you- note one of them has a sword. Kill him and take the sword, then throw it at one of the bridge support lines (aim for the yellow anchor). Once you sever the rope he'll come forward to get wailed on again. keep the pattern up (beat on him, take out henchman with sword, sever rope) and you'll soon move on to "The Last Crusade".
  • Thanks again for your help!

    Oh and yes, I do spend alot of time on the playstation LOL
  • Hi again, I've tried everything, but.... How Do U Finish Ancient City?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can only get to about 977,000 studs out of 1,000,000.... Help!!!
  • To finish ancient city, you need to destroy the ground in front of the temple. Then enter and collect the remaining studs, this should raise you up to 1,000,000...:)
  • Sorry, I don't know what temple you're talking about???
  • That's probably why you're stuck then..;)

    There should be a temple after you have destroyed a number of metal pillars in one area, and entered a secret glass room via a balcony in the next. Everything in these areas can pretty much be destroyed. After you've exited the glass room, the temple should be nearby...?
  • I've already done that.Maby it's something to do with the T-rex?

    Thanks if you can help me
  • You should have been able to build it's skeleton with the lego pieces, correct. Have you done this...?
  • No I havn't can you please tell me where in this level it is?

    PS: Sorry this is taking so long
  • Back where you built part of the dino skeleton you should also have seen some dynamite. Throw some down the door beside it to blast part of it away. Go down and blow up the rest of it to get the pieces for the dino head, just set this beside the skeleton for now. Grab some more TNT and blast a part of the floor that highlights- this nets you the pieces for the tail. Once it is together you can walk up this and put the head in place.

    The pillars Rob talks about is near the end of the Ancient City.
  • Yes I did that, now I can get to about 979,000 studs,so I'm close
    Some of the things I could be missing are...
    That train track trailer(I put the box thing on it),That plane thing with bat wings,the hole with grey lego parts in it(they don't jump around to build)next to the monkeys & where you build the flowers, the area where you build the trophy picture on the ground & the paturn pictures next to it and where you build those coloured letters around the level

    Hope This Helps, Thanks
  • Those pillars Rob talked about are near where the mine cart is- switch to a character that has a bazooka to blast them along with any metal floors. Head to the top left and climb to the balcony to enter a secret room where you can use Willie's scream to shatter the glass and collect more studs. From here head on to the temple and destroy the ground in front of it - this should net you the rest of the studs.
  • Thanks

    I finaly got it!!!
  • Hello again I need help again, I forgot what level it is (I think it's "Trouble in the Sky" - if it's not that one, it's the one after it). It's the level where you find R2D2 there for some reason. There's 3 green pads where you have to find little boxes to pick up and take there, but I can only find 2 of them. I've found the one inside that cave and I've found the one where you need the horse to give you a big boost in the air, but I can't find the last one. Can you help?

    Thanks again.
  • A truck at the beginning of the level should shoot out lego pieces that you can build into a block. Once you've built this block, place it on the remaining green square. Problem solved...:)
  • Thanks for that... but I need help again... on the "Temple of Grail" on the part where you're versing this guy, he doesn't have any hearts or anything. When I try to kill him he just falls asleep, then I tried putting all the gold cups in this thingy until it wouldn't let me do it anymore. Then I tried to kill him again but then he just fell asleep and now he won't wake up. Can you please tell me what I'm supposed to do in that part... I'm not sure if I'm even suppose to kill him or not?

  • Never mind, I got it! But I still need help, I've done all the levels but there are 4 more characters I need to unlock. Also in the artifact room, I got the blue christal, I bought all the artifacts & I got the key but when I try to turn the key but it does nothing

    can you help me thanks
  • For the key to work, you have to place the Blue Crystal in the Machine first and then put the key in and turn it.

    As for the 4 characters it's hard to know which one's you haven't unlocked to be able to tell you how to do this....:rolleyes:

    So, here are the passwords which unlock the corresponding character for purchase in the Library. Just use the passwords for the characters you recognise you don't have:

    04EM94 - Barranca
    CHN3YU - Belloq
    TDR197 - Belloq (Jungle)
    VEO29L - Belloq (Robes)
    8246RB - Enemy Boxer
    VJ5TI9 - British Officer
    DJ5I2W - British Soldier
    B73EUA - British Commander
    VJ3TT3 - Captain Katanga
    ENW936 - Chatter Lal
    3NK48T - Chen
    2K9RKS - Colonel Dietrich
    8EAL4H - Colonel Vogel
    C7EJ21 - Dancing Girl
    12N68W - Bandit
    2MK45O - Enemy Officer (Desert)
    N48SF0 - Masked Bandit
    3RF6YJ - Monkey Man
    4NSU7Q - Enemy Soldier (Desert)
    1MK4RT - Bandit Swordsman
    3NFTU8 - Donovan
    JSNRT9 - Elsa (Desert)
    VMJ5US - Elsa (Officer)
    S93Y5R - Bazooka Trooper (Raiders)
    MK83R7 - Bazooka Trooper (Crusade)
    VJ48W3 - Enemy Butler
    1MF94R - Enemy Radio Operator
    VJ7R51 - Enemy Guard
    YR47WM - Enemy Guard (Mountains)
    572E61 - Enemy Officer
    B84ELP - Enemy Pilot
    V75YSP - Fedora
    0GIN24 - First Mate
    NE6THI - Grail Knight
    H0V1SS - Hovitos Tribesman
    VJ85OS - Indiana Jones (Officer)
    4J8S4M - Indiana Jones (Desert Disguise)
    24PF34 - Jungle Guide
    WMO46L - Kao Kan
    3M29TJ - Kazim (Desert)
    NRH23J - Kazim
    2NK479 - Lao Che
    NFK5N2 - Maharajah
    13NS01 - Major Toht
    FJUR31 - Mola Ram
    2NKT72 - Pankot Assassin
    VN28RH - Pankot guard
    KD48TN - Punjabi Dignitary
    4682E1 - Punjabi Village Elder
    VJ37WJ - Sherpa Brawler
    ND762W - Sherpa Gunner
    0E3ENW - Slave Child
    VM683E - Thuggee
    CNH4RY - Chatter Lal (Thuggee)
    T2R3F9 - Thuggee Acolyte
    VBS7GW - Thuggee Slave Driver
    VK93R7 - Willie (Dinner Suit)
    MEN4IP - Willie (Pajamas)
    3NSLT8 - Wu Han
    3X44AA - Secret Characters (Unlocks Santa and Dancing Girl 2 characters, for Free Play mode)

    There are also some hidden characters in levels you may not have found:

    1- C3P0- can be found just after you enter the room with the idol in "The Lost Temple" level from Raiders of the Lost Ark, behind the metal grate. Destroy the grate with a Bazooka Trooper character, walk into the hidden area, and punch C-3PO to obtain him.

    2- Luke Skywalker- can be found when you're crossing the ice cliffs from the "Into the Mountains" level from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Drop down to ground level, select a character with demolition ability (Bazooka Trooper or Enemy Officer), destroy the ice wall, and walk into the snow cave to collect Luke.

    3- Chewbacca- can be found in the "City of Danger" level from Raiders of the Lost Ark, behind the broken troop transport. Select a character with a hieroglyphics deciphering book to decipher the symbols on the door, and enter the secret Mos Eisley-inspired Cantina. Use a small character to enter the small cubby hole to the right of the stairs to gain access to Chewbacca.

    4- Princess Leia- can be found in the "Free the Slaves" level from Temple of Doom, towards the end of the level, after you free a batch of captive slaves from a wooden cage. Do that, then run to the far right, drop down to the walkway below, continue to the right, and destroy the metal debris with either a Bazooka Trooper or Enemy Officer. Interact with the guard to access the chamber containing Princess Leia.

    5- R2D2- you can find him on the "Desert Ambush" level from The Last Crusade. In the area with the broken supply trucks, there is a horse all the way to the right of this level. Get on the horse, ride it over to the cliffs to the far left, and use the horse's jump ability to get up to the high area. Use Indy's whip on the marked orange platform to summon R2-D2.

    With all of these characters found, HAN SOLO, also becomes available to purchase in the library.

    Hope you find what you need in here, Good luck...:)
  • Thanks, The han solo one explains one of the missing charicters but for the blue christal thing, I did that & it didnt work. I think it might be a bonus level I missed. Is there any other bonus levels besides ancient city?

    please help
  • Have you unlocked the three grills around the Blue Crystal switch after turning the key....?

    Yes, there are a couple more bonus levels- there is a warehouse level and a Young Indy level for example.

    To begin the Young Indy level you must activate the Blue Crystal switch and have collected 6 artifacts from any of the movies.

    To access the Warehouse level you must do the same but have collected all 18 artifacts from the three movies.

    I take it these are the bonus levels you have missed..?
  • I got young indy level but I don't have the warehouse level yet. I also don't understand why some of the lasers going to the crystal are yellow & I know it's not if I collected all the artifacts in that level because I got the artifacts in Chapter 1 of the 1st movie and it didn't make the laser yellow and I still don't understand what you mean by "the three grills"

    Thanks heaps for all your help!
  • I'm not sure about the lasers, Ryan? But by the 'three grills' i mean the holes that open in the room that allow you to enter the 3 secret levels on the game. I take it you've opened two and you have just the warehouse 'grate' to open? Maybe when you finally open this the laser will change..?
  • Thanks, I finaly got 100% completed but on the warehouse level I hardly understand what any of this stuff is for: The lines that appear on the ground when you take the boxes over to the green pads,the ramps,the rings ect... I only got 1,000,000 studs because I kept shooting the target to get infinite studs and also I turned the key in the artifact room and still nothing happens.
    I like it when the studs fall from the roof

    PS: I have found some purple studs that gives you 10,000 studs in the game that it didn't mention in the instruction book.
  • Don't worry, all you need to do in the warehouse level is keep shooting the target. Once you have 1,000,000 of the studs that's level completed- there's no need to worry about the other stuff as it means nothing.

    The purple studs are available when you climb the ropes in the warehouse level. I don't know why they're not mentioned in the booklet, but i think it's beacuse they're actually a secret to find.

    I think you've already unlocked the levels that turning the key was for. You've now completed the game 100%- you've done everything there is to be done. Congratulations...:)
  • Thanks I guess I won't need to bother you here anymore LOL
  • That's nonsense, Ryan. You can always hang out and join in, in the main discussion parts of the forum. And were always here if you need any more game help...;)
  • That's ok, I was just kidding