Folding@Home on the PS3- Join Team AP
  • Well i've done around 120 on my PS3 and 5 on the PC (only started a short time ago)...A long way off from Lyn and Jay and MCW....:rolleyes:
  • Just had a quick look at our F@H stats page. We now sit at 1161 out of 122469 teams!

    Well done guys, lets keep up the good work...!:D
  • Yep, we're still slowly climbing, even though the number of active CPUs seems to be slowly dropping (down to 15 at this point). Seems to be a pretty hard sell with this to get new people joining in.
  • Just thought it's worth a mention that we have another 1000 WU+ club member here in the APi folding team.

    Well done Jay290783 (or Jason F STAFF) on reaching as of now 1018 WU's completed. Congratulations again, and keep folding...;)

    It might be worth another quick stats update, we now sit at 1156th place in the world out of 123620 teams. Seems like we're going up again, well done guys...:D
  • Nice work Jason.

    As of 10 minutes ago, I am a member of team 54263 and on my way to complete my first unit. I have some catching up to do. My name is the same as here, Nec.
  • Wow..that was fast. Finished my first unit in 2 hours. I was folding my second within a minute of ending that one so i'm on my way. It says my second should be done in 2h 45m. I had stopped due to some friends showing up to try out COD4. I'll just let it run over night just to see what I can achieve by doing that. Hopefully a few.

  • Yeah, i'm getting a lot of 2-3 hour ones at the moment. The length and type of WU's vary over time so sooner or later they may start getting bigger. Still, they're there to be taken advantage of and it gets a few points on the board....;)

    Welcome to the team Nec...:D
  • What is "Folding@home"?
  • Check out the first couple of posts on this thread or the pinned announcements in the PS3 help sections, wizz- i put full explanations there. B)
  • Seems like the teams hit another Landmark.:D

    Our grand score has now topped the [B]1,000,000
    At this point it sits at 1,006,253.:D

    As for a stats update, we are ranked 1146th of 129800 teams.

    Well done guys, keep up the Folding...!:D[/B]
  • My PS3 been doing Folding for some time. But honestly I dunno what help it actually does. c"_
  • What it does, Hulibert, is aid research toward possible cures to diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and several forms of cancer. They just don't have the computer space possible to handle all the data themselves so they make use of the PS3's Cell processor and use distributed computing to send the packets out to PS3s running the program.
  • I just joined the team Lyndon its great to be part of it
  • Welcome to the team, Ganon....!:D It's great to have you on board.
  • It's been a while so i though it'd be nice if we all had a little stats update...:)

    We sit at 1140th of 135948 teams...:D

    It's nice to see us climbing the table again; we were actually down a few places a week or two ago. Well done!
  • Rob C STAFF said:
    It's been a while so i though it'd be nice if we all had a little stats update...:)

    We sit at 1140th of 135948 teams...:D

    It's nice to see us climbing the table again; we were actually down a few places a week or two ago. Well done!

    We're still doing good although the same people still sit at the bottom (Those who've only done 1 or 2 work units and realized Folding@Home wasn't a fun video game) that were a year ago.

    I've been neglecting the system lately, but I try to remind myself to switch over to folding every day after playing games. Maybe I should set my XMB Background picture to a Folding Protein, that would remind me before cutting the system off!

    Great job dudes.
  • have any of you actually seen the end product of all this yet all this internet and ps3 usage and i cant find anything useful acheivments theyve made so far from it.
  • No one ever said it was going to be quick, Sam. These are diseases they have been trying to find the cure of for decades- now that the technology is there to lighten the load somewhat they are making use of it.
  • i have never heard of folding@home could some one explain
  • There is a full explanation at the front of the thread, nasher. ;)

    To summarize a bit, it is a medical research project by Stanford University, hoping to find breakthroughs toward cures/ treatments of various diseases. They send data packets called "work units" for the program to process and send the results back to analyze. The program only runs when you aren't doing anything else so it doesn't interfere with anything else you do on the system.
  • ok iv read it and im downloading the software now then i will join the team
  • iv joined the team now
  • Welcome to the team, Nasher...!:D
  • Couple of things to mention- first off, our current ranking is 1131 of 142297 teams- not bad but we can do a lot better, i think! ;)

    Also, some may have noticed things have changed a bit- the Folding@Home app is now "Life With PlayStation". Sony released their news/ weather app this past Wednesday, merging it with the Folding@Home program. Those of us currently running F@H will get a prompt to download the update when we restart the program. It's a 126 MB download (not overly big). To switch between seeing the two "channels" just hold the square button and flip up or down on the d-pad.
  • I was surprised to see people getting so excited for the release of Life with Playstation, considering that it's just a globe with news feeds like Wii News.

    I guess people were more excited for the future potential of the program than it's current state. For now, I don't care for the changes to the Folding@Home navigation. Used to be that you could just press Triangle to bring up the options (For checking Stats, Setting the Auto Shutdown Time). Now, they've added several steps, and it takes too long to do something. For me, I want to quickly set the Auto Shutdown Time and be done with it when I'm Folding. Not possible anymore :(

    Hopefully they will dumb it down to where it was before this update.
  • I do agree they could have made their news section a separate entity and left the Folding@Home as is. I think they made it more difficult to find the Folding@Home side of it with this merger.

    It's been way too long since we had an update here. Suffice to say, our ranking has taken a bit of a hit but still doing ok at 1222 out of 153,233 teams. On a more personal note, my own total is up to 1960 work units now so i should be at the 2k mark by late this week. B)
  • With the changes they made, I've found myself not Folding much any more, just as I suspected I would.

    Why fix what isn't broken? I expected another Folding firmware update by now, but nothing lately. I'm surprised I'm still in 3rd place with all of the time I've taken off from folding.

    Congrats on approaching 2000 Lyndon. I'm approaching 500 at the moment. Might try to hit that milestone over the next week.
  • Have at it! B) Myself, I've pretty much ignored the news/ weather aspect and just leave Life set up on the folding side of the app.
  • Ok, whoever I hear laugh is gonna' get a poke in the eye! ;)

    I checked, double-checked and checked again on this "Folding"....and I'll be go to all hell if I even understand what it is, let alone how it works. Can anyone here direct me to a good quality site that explains exactly what this "Folding" is, how it works and yadda, yadda...I just don't get it.

    If I can figure it out, then I would indeed be glad to join Team AP.

    Thanks in advance!
  • Let me put my safety goggles on first and then...


    The Stamford Folding@Home site would be the best place to start for an explanation- I've linked to it in the first post of this thread. Still, I'll try to explain.

    It's a method called "distributed computing" (you may have heard of Seti@Home? Same idea). The Folding@Home program runs on your PS3 (they also have clients for use on the PC) when completely idle so it will not affect your gaming/ movie watching/ etc.. The servers at Stamford University's medical research division sends out this bits of data called "work units". These are simulations of proteins folding (hence the name). The idea is to use the combined power of everyone folding to process data faster and may one day lead to cures for various diseases including Alzeimer's and Parkinsons Disease.

    Once your PS3 is done with the work unit it sends the results back and they send the next work unit to be processed. Now, these work units all carry a point value based on size and priority. These points are all correlated together for a team's total score and they have a leaderboard for all teams.

    Of late I think our team has been pretty non-existent in folding but I plan on getting my system back at it. To set up your PS3 for this go into the Life With PlayStation app (you'll likely find an update to the latest version waiting). Once it is running hold down the square button and go to Folding@Home. Once it is open hit triangle to bring up the menu and select "Current Channel". Next, go into "Identity" and select "Change Donor Name". You can make your ID whatever you like (PSN name, forum name, your choice). Once this is done go down to "Join An Existing Team" and enter in 54263 to join the Absolute PlayStation team.
  • hey i decided to join to the group..the problem is..i don't see a service called folding@home i just see ( life with playstation)

    tell me how to ^^ regards
  • Check the post right above yours, NOB. They did an update to it some time back changing it from just the Folding@Home to several other features. Follow the instructions I give there and you are good to go. B)
  • thanks Lyndon..actually i had the idea of that folding@home is life with playstation ^^..anyway..thanks again
  • Glad to have registered here!!

    Mother Knows Best
  • Is the Folding still going on? :mellow:
  • To be honest, I haven't done the folding for quite some time now. I'm honestly not sure if anyone that joined the team is doing it any more at this point.
  • I never even understood what it was. :huh:

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