The water is contaminated!
  • There's a bit of a crisis up in Northampton, where i live, at the moment. Don't know if any of you in the UK have heard this on the news? Recently, tests have shown that our drinking water in areas of Northampton is contaminated. It's unsafe for drinking, cooking, washing up etc. If i was to go and fill a cup up of water from the tap, and drink it, i would go down with sickness for around a month....!:huh:

    So, i've stocked up on bottled water (like most people) as our water is not going to be cleared for drinking till at least a couple of weeks from now. A lot of places have had to close for a few days, so everythings at a bit of a standstill here at the moment. It's starting to get a little annoying, having to remember not to drink from the tap and having to boil the water first before using it with food and washing up. But hey, that's life what can you do....:rolleyes:
  • Even though I don't live in the jolly old UK, the sunny state of California has been notified of their tainted water. Not to the point which it is unsafe or unfit to be around, but the tap around Southern California has been plagued with things such as: Viagra (I'm sure most of you know what that does), Anti Depressants and Nitroglycerin (a blood thinning medication).

    That's pretty scary though. Hopefully they figure out the problem with your tap water soon and get it fixed.:D
  • well im from down in kent and northampton not that far away and i have seen the reports on the news bout the water to be frank it scare's me i mean how many kids are going to drink it and get sick surely it would be better for them to turn off the water and supply every one with bottled or something. personaly i think it has a lot to do with all the flooding we have had recently here in the uk and pestosides from farm land has seaped into the water supply... eather that or it could be terroist related bin ladins master plan is un folding lol ok im starting to talk s@^# so i will stop now
  • YEah i heard t ne the news - to be honest i never drink tap water anyway because it tastes gross!!

    Hope you get sorted soon!
  • i live in penwortham near preston our tap waters buitiful im not paying out me ar$e for bottled water and its the same stuff.
  • Thats harsh Rob , hopr it clears soon.

    As for tap water, i love it, can't tell the difference if you ask me. BUT, it does depend on whether its hard or soft water, hard water tastes ORRIBLE!!!

    Thats the science lesson ended.
  • Thats ruff, man, personally i would just buy the water that comes it jugs not in the bottles that stuff is a rip. I live in Minnesota U.S. and the water is actually very pure, according to my bio teacher minnesota tap water is more pure than i think like 50 percent of bottled water products sold in the U.S. Get this, he also said that it takes 5 times as much water to produce the bottle that the water goes into, than the bottle can actually hold.
  • Galway in the west of Ireland was hit by water contamination most of the people there were forced to drink bottled water because somthing happened at the water purification plant and contaminated water got out i still dont think the problem is sorted
  • What caused it over here, was a Rabbit getting into one of the Water treatment tanks (or something or other) at one of the Water purification plants. The rabbit obviously dyed, and then rotted. The rotting Rabbit then contaminated the water...:eek:

    Anyway, it's all sorted now, the tap water is now fine in my area; some surrounding area's are still affected however. So, no more bottled water. Back to the good old tap...:)