psp being a controller...
  • hi there..hey..umm..i heard someone talking in my school & he say:

    if you had a ps3 & a psp the psp can be a controller for the ps3)

    im not sure about thet but can you try it?

    i wanna know please OK?

  • If he was on about using the PSP in remote play then yes. In remote play, the PS3's XMB is displayed on your PSP and you control everything with your PSP. This allows you to access all your media stored on your PS3's HDD and play it and even transfer it onto your PSP's memory stick.
    It also allows you to access any (PSP compatible games) that you have on your PS3 and also transfer them over to your PSP's memory stick.
    You can also play your PS3 games with your PSP acting as the T.V. screen, so using your PSP as the controller. This does however only work with the game Lair at this time, there are further plans to introduce this feature in the coming months though.
    You can access the P.S. Store, use the internet browser, you can access pretty much everything you have on the PS3's XMB (with the exclusion of a few things) with your PSP while in remote play. Even F@H can be run while your in Remote play, as your PS3 is still doing all the processing, your PSP is just displaying the image that your T.V. screen would.

    There are big plans for Remote Play in the future, including things like your PSP acting as a rear view mirror in racing games and similar features. We'll just have to wait and see as to what else we will get from Remote Play....:D
  • all right thanks rob but may i ask you if i should buy the psp or the ps3 can
    give me something to do?
    im confused
  • I would say get the PS3 first definitely. The PSP can wait for now i would say, at least for another few months or so...;)