The Cheats Have Arrived On Cod4
  • Over thae last couple of weeks its becoming more evident that ppl are now useing LAG SWITCHES on cod4 and its starting to become anoying. has any one else been noticed this and wat are your opinions towards this subject:frown:
  • I dont know what ur talking about, but i do know there is a huge ammount of lag in the game as there are many times when i die after shooting a few rounds into my enemy only to watch the death cam and see that i didnt shoot at all X(
  • im not to sure about the lag switch thing :huh: but ive allways had alot of lag when im playing i shoot and thnk ive hit them but no,they have run round the block a few times and then clocked me one.:D
  • ive never experienced it except against southafrican hosts apart from that its been perfect i got 8mb line testd and proven at 6.9 meg.
  • I didnt really experience too much lag until the past couple of weeks. I know about lag switches (I do not use one) and don't think that is the issue. I notice it more when there is too much going on. Especially when there are airstrikes after airstrikes, chopper after chopper and people on the mounted guns all at the same time. Heavy action = lag if the servers can't handle the load. As for really cant. I know what some might call "glitching" isnt really cheating or glitching. For instance, on the board Crash, there is a way to get on some rooftops without using the old school method with the extra jumping distance. Simply jump onto an air conditioner, to a piece of wood and presto, you are on the roof. I dont consider this cheating because you can jump to them and you arent shooting through anything. Why else would they put the air conditioner and piece of wood there? I love when people complain that I get up there. I give the same explaination and show them how I did it and the apologies roll in.