more info with my fan problem
  • I dont know why but my fan keeps on working harder everytime i play MGS4 and GTA4 i doesnt happen on any other games and my PS3 is in an open space please can somone help
  • To be honest, i wouldn't worry. If your PS3 is not in an enclosed space, and is being kept in a cool environment, there's no need to worry about the Fan being a bit louder when you're playing the more power demanding games- e.g. MGS4 and GTA IV.

    Sometimes it does begin to work harder, for example with Folding@Home. Fact is, you can do little about this, it's just the PS3 itself is working harder (using more processing power) and so it gets hotter than usual. Just make sure there's as little dust as possible in the air vents and keep the PS3 in an open space, and it'll be fine. The fans in the PS3 are decent and they're not going to break on you if they're made to work a little harder from time to time...;)
  • Nice one Rob i can finally stop worrying about it now:D