• How do you pick items up in the first level?
  • I dont actually own the game, so i cant be entirely sure? Have you looked in the controls section of the game Manual...?
  • Hello, my brother just rented Kung Fu Panda & he can't figure out how to complete Viper's room. He told me that you have to destroy all of the dummies in a limited amount of time
  • I didn't see anything mentioning a time limit to this section.

    Once you drop down the pit destroy all the enemies as you go through. Grab the staff to the left of the large dummy at the end of this and use strong attacks to finish this one faster. Once he is done climb up and go either left or right. You'll find some ledges to climb up at the end of the path. When you get to the top go to the middle then turn around to see some platforms to cross. Head across the tightrope that comes up after this (avoiding obstacles along the way) and destroy the two quick dummies. You'll have one last dummy to take care of at the other end. After that just walk through the door to talk to Shifu and finish the level.
  • Thanks we had to return the game since we rented it but next time we get it we'll try it