starwars lego- help
  • How do I find the last minikit canister in the droid factory of episode 2
    attack of the clones? It doesn't even show up with the minikit detector
    and we are thoroughly stumped as to where it could be.We've gone all
    the way through this droid factory a dozen times. Help:huh:
  • I'm not sure which one you're talking about have you gone in the room with all those colour tubes?

    I hope the staff can help you some more
  • Because i have no clue at all which minikits you did get, here is a list of all 10. This should help you figure out which one it is and what to do.

    Canister 1

    At the start, turn around and you'll find the first canister at the end of the

    Canister 2

    (Jar Jar needed) As you exit the first passage jump across to the left then use Jar Jar to jump to the high platform and collect the second canister.

    Canister 3

    Shoot the targets to start the boiling pots moving, then jump on top and ride
    across the gap. Now leap onto the platform and backtrack a small way to collect the third canister.

    Canister 4

    Open the door near the Droideka and hop across the platforms to reach the
    canister on the far side.

    Canister 5

    (Padme, R2-D2 needed) At the end of the conveyor belt head to the right and use The Force to activate the turning platform. Use the grapple hook to reach the ledge, then shoot the target to reveal the switch. Use R2-D2 to open the door, then use the mixing machine to mix the correct colours and open the container with the canister inside.

    Canister 6

    Look on the high platform in the room where you find C-3PO.

    Canister 7

    (Jar Jar needed) Use The Force to build two raised platforms in the caves, then climb on top and jump into the high alcove to collect the seventh canister.

    Canister 8

    (R2-D2 needed) Enter the hole just under the seventh canister and use R2-D2 to turn on the laser maze. Work your way around the maze activating the switches until you can grab the next canister.

    Canister 9

    After crossing the lava pit search a small alcove behind the door to find the
    next canister.

    Canister 10

    (Jar Jar needed) In the next room use R2-D2 to operate the machines, then use The Force to build some platforms. Ride the lift to the top and jump high to reach the next canister.
  • thank you very much. The room where you mix the color machine was the
    one we hadn't found yet.I appreciate you going through the whole
    canister list.
  • I've completed the game but I still need help... In Dexter's diner the music keeps messing up & repeating itself then the only way to stop that from happening is to go outside the dinner then go back in. If I don't do that when before I do a level, it freezes up when I try to do it and I have to restart the playstation. After I complete a level, I try to go into another one and it just freezes up, but I've tried going outside the diner and going back in, but it doesn't work. There are no scratches on the disc... can anybody please help??? :huh:
  • I'd say you have a defective disk. Only thing to do is to get a replacement copy from the place of purchase. That should sort the problem.
  • Thanks for your reply, I found a way to make the disk work.

    On some boss levels mainly 'count duku' in episode 3 Chapter 2, he turns invincible and it takes me a long time for me to get rid of one of his hearts. Is there any quicker way for me to get rid of him?
  • By hearts, you mean lives right...? If so, no. There's no quicker way to do it, you just have to keep on taking all of his lives away and then finally kill him at the end.
  • Thanks again I found out that you can make him follow you near one of those explosive boxes and hit them to blow it up & kill him in 1 shot