80GB and 120GB PS3
  • I keep on hearing people saying an 80GB and 120GB PS3 will be released does know if this is true
  • Outside of North America? Hasn't been anything said about that.

    They did give word today at E3 in Los Angeles that North America would be getting a $399 80 GB that is equipped the same as the 40 GB currently available. As for the 120 GB, that was supposedly filed with the US patent office some time back but nothing more said since.
  • if its just a larger hard drive you want you can install any SATA compatable drive to your existing PS3 quite easily, will be doing this myself at some point.

    Especially with the price of hard drives falling all the time.
  • Figures not long after i made that initial replay about "outside of North America" they go and make an official announcement. :rolleyes:

    PS3's with an 80 GB drive are going to be available in PAL territories on August 27. But, they are going to have the same capabilities as the North American 40 GB (in other words, no PS2 backward compatibility).

    As Don mentioned, if you have a PS3 now, just buy a normal notebook computer hard drive and put that into the drive tray to boost your storage.
  • Thanks for telling me that it would have been a waste of money to buy the 80GB one when i could easily buy a notebook hard drive with more memory cheaper, nice one!
  • have you heard therter makin a 160GB version soon, its goin to be released somtime during late 2008