• Hi All,

    Howz everyone ? I am new to this community.In fact I am even new to the Playstation games ....I know its hard to believe it ...I am from Dubai, UAE.I am planning to buy a Playstation 3....But I have heard that I need a HDTV to play PS3...now I have an conventional type TV ..so is it not possible to enjoy the games on it ???

    Also in the shop I saw there were 2 types of PS3 available....one was black & other white ....Is there any difference between them ???

    Would appreciate if someone could guide me for an absolute novice like me ...

  • Welcome to Absolute Playstation. As far as your playstation question is concerned I believe that you can still play a playstation 3 on a conventional TV, it just might not run to its full capacity.

    If you have any questions feel free to PM me or one of the other STAFF members and we'll do our best to find you an answer.
  • welcome to the site umeshk im K.S.A share with us you tallents
  • Welcome to the site: my slave jay will accompany you soon, just kidding... As for the question, i believe the white one is for asia only and the black one for the rest of the world
  • Umeshk, there is no difference at all between the specs of the Black or White PS3. Everything they have is exactly the same, except their colour obviously.

    Welcome to Absolute PlayStation...!:)